Review: L’amourose Rosa Rouge

The Rosa Rouge by L’amourose has a lot going for it. 

It’s a rechargeable vibrator; it’s waterproof and it’s covered in body safe silicone. It features not one, but two motors, and is designed to be a dual-stimulator (like a rabbit vibrator).

But what really makes the Rosa Rouge special is that it is a heated toy. I had never experienced a heated vibrator before, so I was very intrigued to try it out.

The Rosa Rouge is a second version of the original Rosa model. The original Rosa is the same shape, but lacks the heating element. The original also has two motors, but only features 7 modes of vibration compared to the Rouge’s 9.

The original Rosa comes in 3 colors; pink, teal and black. Whereas, the Rosa Rouge is only available in this rouge pink. FYI, this “Rouge” color is more on the pink side, L’amourose’s website shows it as more of a red, but it’s definitely more pink than it is red.

The Rosa features a minimalistic, but elegant design. The base features a faceted, geometric pattern that allows it to stand up on a flat surface.

It’s covered in a smooth silicone; if you want to learn more about silicone and how to care for it, you can check out my little guide here. The Rosa is also completely waterproof and can be submerged, which makes cleaning a snap.

It features a smooth, curving body with a slender neck that swells into a bulbous head that’s perfect for stimulating the G-spot. The body of the Rosa is mostly firm, except for the flexible neck between the base and head. A lot of people find this little bit of flexibility and give makes a toy just that much more comfortable. Then there’s that bulbous head that is designed to target the G-spot. The Rosa does have some light ridging on the inside of the curve, but the edges are very gently and for me they’re in no way uncomfortable.


The design is a little non-traditional when it comes to the base. The Rosa’s base is designed to hug the body and turn this vibe into a dual-stimulator by massaging the clitoris and labia.

I found the shape of the base was very easy for me to hold and maneuver. The Rosa’s buttons are located on one of sides of the base. I thought the placement might be a little awkward, but found my fingers aligned with the buttons perfectly when gripping the base with my right hand.  Left handed folks might find it a tad annoying though.


Overall I’d say the Rosa is a great medium size, I think most people would find it non-intimidating. Because Rosa has such a wide base it would be safe to use anally if desired.


The Rosa comes in sturdy black cardboard box that’s bound in a black ribbon. Inside the box along with the toy is an instruction manual, authenticity card, velvet storage pouch, charging dock, USB charging cable and wall adapter. The manual does state there is both an 18 month warranty and a lifetime quality guarantee. It’s a big plus in my book when a company is willing to stand behind their products like that.


The Rosa charges via the two contact points on the bottom of its magnetic base. Once you make sure the charging dock is plugged in, then all you have to do is set the Rosa in the dock’s cradle so that the two metal contact point on the base will match up with the two metal nubs on the dock. You’ll know proper contact is being made when the light on the Rosa’s base illuminates. The light will flash to show that it’s charging and will turn solid when charging is complete. If your light is not turning on try jiggling the Rosa, sometimes it seems a little picky when it comes to the alignment being just right.


According to the specifications on L’amourose’s website, the Rosa Rouge takes about 2 hours to fully charge. You can get about 70 minutes of play time if both the vibration and heat functions are activated. You can get even longer if you’re using only the vibration.

The Rosa has 3 buttons on the side of its base that control its vibration and heat functions. There are two buttons labeled (+) and (-) that turn the Rosa on and off as well as control the strength of the vibration. There’s also a function button that will cycle through the 9 vibration patterns and will turn the heat off and on.

The heat feature will always be on by default when you turn the Rosa on.

It does take a few minutes for the toy to heat up to its 104 – 108 degree Fahrenheit (40-42 Celsius) and once there it will maintain that temp. To put that into context, 104 is around the temperature of a hot tub. You are also able to press and hold that center function button to turn the heat on and off.


The Rosa Rouge features 2 motors, one in the base and the other in the head.  The motor in the bulb feels significantly stronger that the one in the base. Also note that the heat function is only present in the insertable portion of the Rosa.


The 9 vibration modes

  1. Only the motor in the head is on – steady vibration.
  2. Only the motor in the base is on – steady vibration.
  3. Both motors on – steady vibration.
  4. Alternating pulses between the 2 motors.
  5. Same as the last, but fast
  6. Same, but even faster
  7. Slow “rollercoaster” pattern ….mmMMmmMMmmMMmm…
  8. Same rollercoaster pattern, but faster.
  9. This feels like “random” mode – rapid changes in intensity in both motors


My Thoughts

I really like the overall design of this toy. The size and curve are just right for me. And the head, that glorious bulbous head fits perfectly right against my G-spot and does amazing things to it. Once I was using it with a low battery and it died on me halfway through. Even without the vibration going the shape still felt really good.

As for the base, I was positive it wasn’t going to work for me as an external stimulator because it never does with this type of vibe. Turns out I was right as far as the base not hitting my clitoris the way I like, go figure, but it was actually very good at stimulating the labia and surrounding nerves. I had been worried that the base might get in the way of me bringing in another clit vibe, but luckily I ended up having no issues fitting a ****smaller wand*** down there.

As with most dual stimulators, the effectiveness varies greatly depending on each person’s anatomy. The base does not hit my clitoris right, but that’s just how it goes for me. But what doesn’t work for me might be perfect for you.

On another note, I think I actually like that the Rosa doesn’t have a traditional handle.

Most toys have a handle that sticks straight out of you and the weight of that handle often make the toy tilt, shift around, or even fall out if you’re not holding it. With this flatter base there was none of that. I guess I’d describe it as feeling balanced. The Rosa is definitely a set-it-and-forget-it type of toy for me and I don’t have to keep repositioning it.


Ok, now on to what I think about the heating feature. Going in I wasn’t sure how I would like it. Would I be able to feel it? Would it do anything for me? Was it going to be amazing?

The first time I used the Rosa I inserted it, turned it on, and then waited impatiently for the toy to heat up.

A few minutes passed and I still didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I had no idea how fast the toy heats up, perhaps it already had and I wasn’t able to feel it. I kept going and was checking out the different vibration patterns and strength. And I’m thinking about the settings, taking mental notes… Then all of the sudden I felt IT.  I don’t really know how to describe the sensation. It didn’t necessarily feel like heat. It felt like a tingle, or a tickle. It felt amazing, and better yet it seemed to amplify all the other sensations, like the vibration and my small movements and muscle twitches. Like, I don’t normally get that worked up when I use a toy, but this was on another level for me. I’m sure the heat also helps get the blood circulating and gets you going, which is good for me because I often start “cold”. 


That being said, it performs solidly as a vibrator without the heat. I’m very happy with the shape and that head is perfect when it comes to G-spot stimulation. If you’re really not keen on the heat feature and are thinking about getting the less expensive original Rosa, I say go for it. The power this thing has is impressive!

But if you’re into heat or curious about it, then I really recommend the Rosa Rouge. It is pricey, but I think it’s totally worth it.


When it comes to a review, I think the most telling question to ask is; “Would I purchase another one if something happened to this one?”

The answer for this one is a resounding YES. G-spot perfection + that power + heat = amazing.  I guess that heat is my thing. I had no idea until now, but it really gets my motor running. The Rosa Rouge has rocketed all the way up into my top favorite toys. I would not want to be without it.

Way to go, L’amourose.

I give it 6 out of 5.


You can find the L’amourose Rosa Rouge from your favorite toy.

You can also find the Original L’Amourose Rosa (non-heated) from your favorite toy


I want to thank the folks over at for sending me the Rosa Rouge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Being sent the Rosa Rouge did not affect my opinion on it.

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