Review: FunToys Bioskin Gjack

Here we have the FunToys Bioskin Gjack. The Gjack boast some pretty good features; easy to use controls, a variety of vibration patterns, waterproof design, and a dual density silicone body. Sounds pretty promising!


What excited me most about this toy is its dual density silicone body. First of all, silicone is an awesome material. It’s non-porous, body safe, and can be sterilized. If you want to learn a more about silicone and how to care for it, check out my info page here.

If you don’t know what dual density is it’s where there are multiple layers of material, in this case silicone, that each have a different level of firmness. In this case there’s a soft, squishy outer layer that has just a little give and makes this toy very comfortable to use. Then there’s a firmer inner core that give the toy rigidity so it’s easy to maneuver and thrust. In my opinion it’s the best of both worlds, and it’s generally agreed that dual density toys tend to feel more “realistic”.

It’s cool that the Gjack has a dual density shaft, from my experience it’s very rare to find that in a vibrator, you mostly find it in dildos (non-vibrating toys).

The silicone is very smooth and silky to the touch, there’s no tackiness like you sometimes encounter with other silicone items. The silicone feels incredibly similar to the kind LELO uses on their toys. But whereas LELO toys have thin layers of silicone over a rigid frame, the Gjack has a thicker, cushy layer of silicone that provides a softer experience. I’m really digging this design.


The design is nothing out of the ordinary. There is a head with a slightly raised ridge that’s designed to provide a little extra stimulation to the G-spot. It’s not raised so much where you’ll get the “popping” sensation against the pubic bone, but you can still feel it’s there.

It has a nice, smooth body except for another little ridge right at the base of the shaft, but there’s a good chance that many users won’t be inserting it far enough to run into it.


Size wise I’d describe the Gjack as medium. The Gjack is a total of 8.75” long with the insertable length measuring 5.5”. The ridge on the head measures 4.75” around, as does the thicker swell that’s right under the head. The shaft narrows down to 4.5” around the midpoint. As you can see the shaft has a slight swell near the base of the shaft. I’ve found I definitely notice it – in a good way. Since the shaft is un-textured the little bit of diameter change adds a little something.


Overall I think it’s a nice design that could suit a lot of people. It’s simple, but effective. The loop handle at the base is a nice touch and makes it easy for either you or a partner to grip.


The Gjack comes with a red USB magnetic charging cable. The two metal dots on the charger match up the two tiny metal nubs on Gjack’s handle. The magnetic connection is strong so you don’t have to worry about the cable detaching while it’s charging. Because nothing’s worse than going to fetch your toy and finding the battery is still dead because it didn’t charge.


The controls are very easy to figure out. There are 3 buttons; there are two buttons each labeled (+) and (-) that control the vibration intensity and one function button (~) that cycles through the different vibration patterns. The buttons are raised so it is easy to operate by feel.


The Gjack’s motor is located in the tip of the shaft. The vibration strength is pretty average, but is on the buzzier side of the spectrum; something to be aware of if deep, rumbly vibrations are a must for you.

For reference, The Gjack feels very similar strength wise to the Picobong Zizo and Moka, the Lovelife Cuddle. It’s a tad weaker than the LELO Gigi 2.


There’s are 6 modes of vibration:

  1. Standard steady vibration
  2. Pulsing –    …vvVvv…..vvVvv….vvVvv…
  3. Fast Pulsing –   ..vVv..vVv..vVv..vVv..vVv..
  4. “Ramping” vibration –  vvVV.vvVV.vvVV.vvVV
  5. “Rollercoaster” –  vvvVVVvvvVVVvvvVVVvvvVVVvvVVVvvv
  6. Random mode – the vibrations quickly change in no particular pattern.


Overall I’m pretty content with the Gjack. It has a simple, classic design and I think it looks pretty chic in the black. (The Gjack also comes in hot pink).The packaging is nice and the storage pouch is a plus.

It does really remind me of the Fun Factory Big Boss, but the Gjack is quite a bit smaller, isn’t as flexible, and the motor produces a weaker and buzzier vibration. Because of this I wouldn’t say they’re comparable. The idea might be very similar, but they perform completely different.


The Gjack is not a powerhouse in the vibration department, but it gets the job done (for me). The main thing I like about the Gjack is the shape and the softer material. It’s been a good standby and I’ve been finding myself reaching for it pretty often.


I think this one is nice for use with a partner because of both the handle and the squish factor. With the silicone being a little plush you get that little bit of softness which is good in case your partner gets carries away. My little bit of advice is just to make sure to keep plenty of lube handy. In my experience I find that this kind of silicone doesn’t stay wet for as long, so you may find yourself needing to reapply. Otherwise the smooth shaft glides very nicely.

Is it worth it? It really comes down to personal preference. Are you looking solely for power? If so, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere, even if it means spending a bit more. But if you don’t need a lot of power and like the aesthetic of the Gjack, or really like the idea of having a vibrator that has dual density silicone, then it may be something you’ll enjoy.


At this time it seems a little hard to find a place that sells the Gjack.

If you’re curious for some more pics and info you can check out the Gjack on FunToys site here.


Thanks to the folks at FunToys who sent me the Gjack in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All my opinions are completely my own.

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