Review: We-Vibe Touch (New Version)

Not all that long ago I reviewed the We-Vibe Touch, you can read my original review and get all the details. Around the time I posted that review, We-Vibe released a brand new, updated version of the Touch. The updated Touch is still the same awesome little vibe, but there have been a number of improvements.  The packaging has definitely been kicked up a notch and the new style box is a lot easier to use for storage than the one that came with the original version.


We-Vibe Touch New Packaging


What’s the same:

Vibration modes and strength.
It’s still waterproof and rechargeable.


What’s changed:

Finish of the silicone.
New USB charger.
Low battery indicator.
New version is quieter.
More pronounced charging prongs.


We-Vibe Touch New and Old Version


When you take the Touch out of its packaging, the first noticeable difference you’ll see is that the silicone has a totally different texture. Instead of being smooth and shiny, the silicone is now velvety just like the silicone that debuted on the We-Vibe 4. The matte silicone still has a bit of drag, but hairs and lint don’t stick to it as much ( though while I was photographing it I found that this finish tends to show water spots and oil from finger prints, but they wipe away pretty easy.) I don’t personally care that much about the change in silicone, but I know a lot of people are loving it. It does feel really nice when you run your fingers over it, but you don’t get quite as much grip as you did with the original finish.


Another one of the differences is a new USB charger and improved prongs. You may have seen people talk about their We-Vibe toys often having issues with the magnetic charger coming unattached or getting knocked loose very easily. The new improvements are designed to get a better connection and stay connected.  I find that this new version does indeed stay connected much better than the original. The little prongs on the Touch that connect to the charger are little longer and the corners aren’t as rounded as they used to be. This isn’t a biggie, but chances are you’ll feel them more often when you’re pressing the button.


We-Vibe Touch New and Old Versions - Button

We-Vibe Touch New and Old Chargers


One thing that might bother some people is that you no longer get a wall charger. I do like the USB charger though because I now have the option to charge it through a computer or other device, but I can easily use a USB wall adapter and charge it the traditional way. So really, we’re getting more charging options this way, but it is a little bit of a bummer that a wall adapter isn’t included. You can find USB wall adapters in most stores in the electronics department, you can order them online, and many smart phones come with USB wall adapters as well.


We-Vibe Touch New Charger


One of the new feature is a low battery indicator. A big complaint that people had with We-Vibe clit vibes are that they can easily die on you during session because there’s no battery indicator and the battery life can vary between 1 and 2 hours depending on what speed you use. The new low battery indicator comes in the form of a blinking light under the Touch’s button. My Touch was blinking when it arrived, it seriously looks like a homing beacon.


I have noticed that the new version of the Touch is quieter than my original one, which was already pretty quiet to begin with. The vibrations also do feel slightly smoother compared to my original.

I did like the slightly rougher vibrations from my original one because they feel ever-so-slightly rumblier to me. But they’re very close and the difference is minute, and who knows, that rumbliness might be something that comes with age when the motor getting worked in a little bit.

Overall the new version of the Touch is just as awesome as the first. And I’m sure the low battery indicator and improved charger will remedy the issues that users had with its functionality.

So for the second time I’m going to recommend you seriously check out the We-Vibe Touch if you are on the hunt for a great clit vibe.


You can find the brand new version of the We-Vibe Touch available at


You can also find the new We-Vibe Touch at


Thank you to the awesome folks at We-Vibe who were kind enough to send me the new We-Vibe Touch in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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