Review: PalmPower Wand by BMS Factory

Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Intensity 5/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL5

Noise Level 4/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL4



Removable silicone cap.

You can get more pinpoint vibrations from the PalmPower than you get with other wands.

Long power cord.

You can purchase additional attachments.

Multiple adapters included.


The single button control can be a little bit of a pain.


PalmPower Wand

The PalmPower Wand by BSM Factory is a compact, corded body wand that packs quite a punch. Seriously, this wand means business.

A really cool thing about this wand is that the head is covered with a removable silicone cap that makes this wand much easier to keep clean. And there are even additional attachment caps out there that you can use to make this wand even more versatile. But more on that in a bit.

PalmPower Wand packaging


The PalmPower wand comes in simple clear plastic packaging that has a little bit of info about the wand on its sides. Inside the box you will find an instruction booklet and power cord, along with 4 different adapters for the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.

PalmPower Wand wall adapter


The body of the PalmPower Wand is made from a velvety smooth ABS plastic. The body and the head are completely rigid, but there’s a tiny bit of give in the neck. Since the neck is not very flexible, it’s able to stand up really well to pressure, which  I consider to be really important.

The pink cap however is made from silicone and is removable, so it’s super easy to keep clean and even sterilize if needed.  If you want to learn more about these materials and how to clean them, check out my guide here.

The inside of the cap and the plastic head of the wand have some ridges and grooves that need to be aligned to fit together properly and once you do so the cap will fit on nice and secure.

PalmPower Wand removable silicone cap


There are other attachment caps you can buy that can give you more ways to use this wand. There are 2 additional attachment packs, the PalmBody and PalmSensual, that contain 2 attachments each.

PalmBody features two attachments that are designed for body massage. Whereas the PalmSensual pack that has both a G-spot attachment and one that’s a G-spot/clit combo, better known as a rabbit.

PalmPower Wand Measurements

The PalmPower wand itself is only 7.5″ long and the head is 1.6″ wide. The cord measures 100″ long and I am able to comfortably able to reach nearby outlets and still have length to spare.

The cord has a jack that snugly plugs into the AC port at the bottom of the handle, and once the jack is inserted a little red LED will light up to let you know it’s connected and ready to go.

PalmPower Wand Jack and Cord


The PalmPower wand is controlled by a single button on its side. The controls work the exact same way as the ones on the Jopen Vanity line, Swan  and Leaf toys, all of which, including this wand, are designed by BMS Factory.

To turn the wand on, press the button and it will start up at its lowest intensity. Simply pressing the button again will turn the wand off, you need to press and hold the button increase the speed. Keep holding the button until you reach your desired setting and let go. The vibrations start at a really low level, but range on this wand is incredible and the highest setting is very intense.

This wand is a bit on the loud side, particularly on the higher settings, but it’s not terrible and doesn’t have any obnoxious high pitched whine or anything.

My Thoughts

I had been keeping my eye out for a strong, rumbly plug-in wand because my go-to wand at the time was rechargeable and I didn’t like having to charge it constantly because I used it every day and sometimes had to charge it two or three times. I don’t mind being tethered to an outlet when I’m home because I almost always use toys in the same spot anyway.

I had been eyeing the Couture Inspire wand when the PalmPower was released. I immediately noticed that they looked identical except for the color. I did a little research and found out that the maker of the PalmPower wand, BMS Factory, also manufacture the Couture Inspire wand for Calex. From what I’ve heard they’re pretty much the same with identical designs and cord length, but I really like the colors on the PalmPower wand and I think it’s awesome that it comes with all the different adapters.

One gripe I have with the PalmPower is the single button control. When I first got the wand I kept accidentally turning it off when I tried to turn up the speed a little bit at a time. My intuition was to just hold the button for a very short time to turn up the speed a tiny bit, but I hadn’t yet learned how long to hold it down so that the wand could distinguish a short hold from a quick press, which turns it off. Luckily turning the wand back on and getting it back up to speed is quick, but it’s still a minor inconvenience. After using it a bit you’ll learn the timing you need and it will become less of an issue. I do think that a 2-button or a dial control would be a much better design.

I also don’t think that the shape of the body is the best for me and I find that I’m not able to hold onto it quite as comfortably as other wands. I actually wish the body was slightly thicker and not quite as tapered. I find that my hand does tend to cramp up a little, but I think this it sometimes kind of unique to me because I sometimes grip it in an odd way (kinda like how I would grip a pencil) and I also use a lot of pressure and grip the wand really tightly while I do.

Those are the only negative things I have to say about it, and they really aren’t that bad. And I can definitely overlook those issues because of how well this wand performs.


So now I’ll tell you how I think it compares to other wands out there that I’ve tried.


PalmPower Wand Vs. Magic Wand Original, Wahl, Fairy Wands and the Mood Fantastic Wand


  • The PalmPower vs Fairy Wands:

I’ve had the Pocket Fairy and Fairy Wand Rechargeable and I can tell you that the PalmPower knocks their socks off, no contest. I did get a chance to handle and compare the Fairy Mini Mini (Great name I know, not to be confused with the Fairy Miniature) and the PalmPower together. The Fairy Mini Mini is the one that’s about the same size as the PalmPower and also plugs into the wall. I can tell you that they felt somewhat comparable power-wise, though the PalmPower’s vibrations did feel a bit lower frequency. Fairy wands are getting harder and harder to find and more often than not the ones you can find online are counterfeits that don’t perform or hold up nearly as well.

The PalmPower is much easier to get your hands on and it’s a quality product, and of course it has the removable silicone cap feature which is pretty nifty. I’d say if you are considering getting a Fairy Wand, give the PalmPower a serious look.


This wand is very big and only has 2 power settings. The PalmPower is so much smaller and has a range of power that gives you so much more to work with than the Magic Wand.

The PalmPower’s vibrations are a lot more intense and there’s a lot more movement happening than with the Magic Wand. The low setting on the MW is considered rumbly, but the PalmPower’s is even more so. And the Magic Wand’s higher setting is pretty intense, but it’s on the buzzy side, whereas the PalmPower feels like it can match the intensity, but has a much more rumbly quality than the Magic Wand. It’s really a night and day difference between the quality of the vibrations. It’s crazy that the PalmPower can perform so well compared to the MW because the PalmPower is significantly smaller and lighter.

The PalmPower’s head is smaller, so that means the PalmPower’s vibrations aren’t going to be as broad as the Magic Wand’s, but they are more powerful and those people who like some pinpoint vibrations can get a little more of them in the mix. I also really appreciate the PalmPower’s long cord and it’s so much easier to work with than the Magic Wand’s that’s only 6 feet long.


I’ve never been a huge fan of the Wahl and like the Hitachi, it also only has 2 speeds. The low setting is buzzy and the high setting is very thuddy, but not very intense. The PalmPower easily beats the Wahl when it comes to power and range of intensities (and looks too, the Wahl is not pretty to look at.)


The Mood Fantastic Wand has been my favorite wand since I got it about a year ago.

I had heard amazing things about the PalmPower and I had really high hopes, but the first time I used it I wasn’t totally happy with it. I had basically wanted a plug-in version of my favorite Mood Fantastic wand, but the vibrations weren’t the same. The PalmPower’s smaller head makes the virabrations feel more focused, and the frequencies were a bit different as well. But after using it a couple of times I starting developing a great appreciation for it. I love both wands, but I do find that the PalmPower wand does beat out the Mood Fantastic in performance.  In fact, I found that the PalmPower cuts the time it takes me to climax in half (if not more) and that really blows me away. The PalmPower has totally become my go-to wand, I don’t know what I would do without it now.

I’ve learned that for me the PalmPower feels different depending on what angle I put it at. It feels good straight on (perpendicular to the body) but when I angle it a bit it starts to feel different. It’s hard to describe but they feel like they go a little deeper when it’s at an angle.

I don’t know if I’ve ever said this, but instead of putting vibes right on my clit, I put them just above my clit and directly focus on the inner clitoris that’s under the surface. The PalmPower has really awesome vibrations that do an amazing job of penetrating the surface and getting down into the tissue. UH-MAZING.

The PalmPower has really, really impressed me. It has a crazy range in intensity, from a low rumble to a super strong high. I would just say to keep in mind that if you like only broad stimulation, the PalmPower might not be what you’re looking for. But I personally love that this wand has a lot more pinpoint vibrations than most other wands I’ve tried.

There are many wands out there and they can seem very similar, but they are not all created equal. The PalmPower really shines and I can’t praise it enough. Needless to say, I highly recommend checking out the PalmPower!

You can find the PalmPower Wand at SheVibe.

You can also find the PalmBody and PalmSensual attachments at SheVibe.

Thanks to the awesome folks at SheVibe who were kind enough to send me the PalmPower Wand in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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