Review: Rudy by Exotic-Erotics

Overall Rating 4/5 Rating-stars4



Made from body safe silicone.

Firmness and color are both customizable.

Comes with storage pouch.


Not as many customization option as other Exotic-Erotics models.

Texture might be a bit much for some users.

Base is cumbersome.

Rudy does have imperfections and that might bother some users.




Meet Rudy, my first ever toy from indie toy maker Exotic-Erotics. If you’re not familiar with Exotic-Erotics, they specialize in making customizable toys out of body safe silicone and in a variety of life-cast and sculpted designs.

Currently, Rudy is one of only 3 realistic, human shaped designs offered by Exotic-Erotics. What really attracted me to Exotic-Erotics was the level of customization they offer, and in a world of limited options when it comes to realistic dildos, the chance to choose a non-flesh tone  color is a very welcome change.


You might be looking at the photo of Rudy and thinking “Whoa, that looks really realistic.” That’s because Rudy is one of Exotic-Erotics’ “life-cast” designs, meaning that it was molded from a real person. Because of this it’s not what we think of as “perfect”. The shaft has a downward curve and a slight twist to the left, as well as other little “flaws” that you would find in real life. Another product of the molding process is that all the texture has been well preserved. You can see every little line, wrinkle, and fold. The testacles  at the base have a puckered texture that is captured so clearly, it’s really impressive when you see it in person for the first time.



Rudy is one of the designs that only comes with the basic options, such as color customizability and firmness. Unlike some of the other models you cannot get Rudy in a split firmness (where the base and shaft can be 2 different densities) and you cannot get it with the 2 color swirl option.






Like other Exotic-Erotic toys, the Rudy comes in three difference silicone firmness options; soft, medium, and firm. I normally love super squishy toys, but  I went with medium because the description on the site say that toys in the soft firmness can’t usually stand up on their own. I also assumed it might be quite floppy and harder to insert. I figured the medium would still be pretty squishy, yet still have distinguishable texture.

If you’re curious about silicone, or about how to care for it or clean it, check out my guide here.

I also got really excited when it came to choosing the color. Exotic-Erotics has a pretty good standard selection of colors to choose from, including neons and an awesome Glow-in-the-Dark option. If you have some other color in mind that Exotic-Erotics doesn’t have, you can request the custom color option. Simply leave a description of what you want in the notes during checkout and they will do their best to mix up the custom color you want.

I was really tempted to go for either the neon blue and neon green, but I just couldn’t decided. Then I got the idea to ask them to try and make one of my favorite colors. Basically I asked them to create a neon seafoam / aqua / cyan. I even went ahead and emailed them prior to my order to make sure it was something that was doable. Basically they used a bit of the neon blue and neon green to create this shade for me and I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out (thank you Exotic-Erotics!) It’s a super difficult color to fully capture in photos, and unfortunately they just don’t do it justice or capture the way it glows in person.

Exotic-Erotic toys do come with a free storage pouch, just make sure the check box for it is checked when you’re selecting your options.



Rudy is a total of 7″ long, with about 6″ of it being insertable. The shaft is pretty much a uniform 5″ around, but does swell around the center just a little bit. The base measures 5.25″ long” and 2.75″ wide.

Here’s Rudy compared to a couple other similarly sized dildos:




Exotic-Erotics Rudy, Vixskin Mustang, Pleasure Works Cadet, Tantus Adam


Something I really love about Rudy is the shape of the shaft. Instead of the perfectly round shaft that many dildos have, Rudy has an oval shaped shaft that is flatter across its top and underside. I find it’s much more natural feeling shape, which I prefer. The shaft has a downward slant and I find that there’s not much in the way of G-spot stimulation from the head. As expected I did feel a lot of stimulation on the back of the vagina, which I don’t often get from other dildos.

The medium firmness is pretty squishy and flexible, yet not too floppy or unwieldy. I think the medium firmness is pretty ideal for most people. I found it very comfortable and it didn’t feel jabby while being thrust.

The base is one thing I’m not crazy about.  It’s pretty thin and flexible, which together make it kind of difficult to hold onto and control the toy with. Both me and my husband have experienced some difficulty with this.

Also, I’m not so sure Rudy would sit well in a harness. I say this because the base isn’t very thick or firm, so it doesn’t provide much support for the shaft. Also, the base only sticks out from the underside of the shaft, but doesn’t stick out past the top of the shaft or out from the sides, so it seems like it might not be very secure in an O-ring. And another issue is that the base is long and not all harnesses can accommodate a base with that shape.

One thought I did have is that Rudy could possibly make a decent packer, particularly in the soft firmness (but be aware that it would probably give you a pretty big bulge.)




In truth the base isn’t a deal breaker for me though, and I still like Rudy quite a bit. The only thing that’s really holding me back from recommending Rudy to everyone is the texture. The best word I can think of to describe it is grainy. Some people will love it, but others might find it a bit rough and abrasive. For me the texture can be both a plus and a minus depending on how I use this toy. I don’t really enjoy long thrusts with it because for me it’s a little much, but small movements are amplified and feel amazing.  Sometimes I won’t even move it at all and I’ll just clench around it and I’ll still be able to feel quite a bit of the texture. Rudy is pretty easy to clean, but I do make sure to double check Rudy’s folds and wrinkles to be sure I’m getting everything off of it.

I would say probably the only way to get this toy with a less intense texture would be to get it in the soft firmness, but unfortunately it isn’t a great option for people who don’t like their toys super squishy. I would be interested in seeing what Rudy feels like in a softer firmness to see how it compares, but without having one I can’t really say how different it would feel.


I’m pretty impressed with my first ever experience with Exotic-Erotics. Exotic-Erotics specializes in fantasy and animal toys and do have a number of sculpted designs which don’t have the same ultra-realistic texture as their life-cast toys. I’m excited to see what Exotic-Erotics may offer in the future, if they ever release a sculpted human design with a smoother texture, I bet it could be pretty fantastic (*hint hint*)

There are a lot of flesh-tone realistic dildos out there and I know a lot of folks really don’t care for the realistic colors. Exotic-Erotics give you the opportunity to get your toys in whatever color you like, and I think that’s awesome.

My final verdict?  Check Rudy out, it’s a good dildo at a good price, and if you like texture and customizability, this toy is right up your alley.

You can find the Rudy and other cool toys at Exotic-Erotics shop HERE.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Exotic-Erotics who sent me Rudy in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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