Review: Tantus Sport and Slow Drive


Overall Rating:

Sport 4/5 Rating-stars4

Slow Drive 5/5 Rating-stars5




The limited edition colors are awesome!

Both the Sport and Slow Drive come in different sizes to choose from.

Teardrop shaped bases are great for making sure these toys don’t flip around during use. The point also provides a nice place to grip.

Harness compatible.

Body safe materials.



The Sport is flexible, so it’s performance is not directly comparable to the Plunge Paddle handle, even though they do share the same shape and size.

Tantus Sport Slow Drive LimeGreen-silver pewter limited edition hand

Well, they’re here! It’s my pleasure to present the Tantus Sport and Slow Drive in their amazing limited edition colors. When I first saw these toys announced I got excited for two reasons. The first reason is that I loved the handle on the Plunge Paddle and I had been hoping that they would make a standard dildo version of it available. The second reason I got so excited is because I’m a diehard Seahawks fan, so I needed to have the neon green.

The Sport and Slow Drive both come in a standard size, and then long version as well. There is also the Warm Up, which seems to be a tiny version of the Sport. The long sizes of each toy share the same diameter with the medium sizes, the only difference is the extra length, but they’re otherwise the same. The only toy that’s different is the Warm Up, which is significantly thinner and shorter than the Sport.

This line of limited edition colors include a neon green, silver, and a pretty teal color.There is a good bit of shimmer in these toys and that really make the colors pop. I  find myself just turning them over and over and watching how the light hits them.


These toy have teardrop shaped bases that I’ve heard are comfortable to wear in a harness. I really like this shapes base because you can easily tell if the toy is trying to flip around on you during use (happens to me all the time).  The point on the base also works as a great place to grip between your thumb and fingers.

Both of these toys are made out of standard Tantus silicone and both of these toys in the medium size are firm enough to stick straight out of a harness with no drooping, though I’m sure the long versions might be a different story. Silicone is a great, body safe material that can be sterilized. If you want to learn more about silicone and how to clean it and care for it, check out my guide here.








The first one I’ll talk about is the Sport, which I have in the medium size. The sport is the one that is pretty much the same size and shape as the handle of the Tantus Plunge Paddle.

I really liked how the Plunge’s handle performed, but wished to have it as a separate toy because the paddle portion made it a little cumbersome to use.  There are little differences, like that the ridge on the back of the Sport isn’t quite as defined as the ridge on the Plunge’s handle, and there’s no seam or hole present on the Sport.

Unlike the Plunge Paddle, the silicone in the Sport is much softer and more flexible. I normally like softer materials, but in this particular instance I feel like it’s a drawback. The firmness of the Plunge handle made it amazing for G-spotting. Because it was firm it wouldn’t bend under pressure and could apply plenty of firm, precise pressure to the G-spot. Unfortunately this is something that was lost with the Sport. The good news is that it’s very comfortable to use and conforms to the body well. The little bit of a lip on the bulb of the head will still provide some G-spot and P-spot stimulation, but it won’t be quite as direct or intense.

Slow Drive


The Slow Drive I have is also in the medium size.  It’s a little shorter and thicker than the Sport, so it’s a little firmer. It has nearly the same girth throughout the entire shaft. It has a gentle wave in the shaft and a dramatically curved tip that has the G-spot in mind.  The firmness allows this toy to provide a lot more controlled stimulation. And because the head doesn’t have any sort of a lip on it, it will slide past the pubic bone instead of catching on it.

My Thoughts

Both the Sport and Slow Drive are good toys, and the limited edition colors are awesome.  Neither the Sport or Slow Drive is very girthy, but the main goal of these toys are to do awesome things to G-spots and P-spots.

Here’s the Sport and Slow Drive next to the Tantus Comet for size reference:


Even though I was prepared to love the Sport, I actually find that I favor the Slow Drive a little bit more. I found the Sport just a little too flexible to give me the same feeling that the Plunge Paddle handle did. The Slow Drive was a little firmer and the shape made for some great G-spot stimulation.  I like the wave in its shaft because it curves back slightly before it curves forward, so it’s stimulating to both the back of the vagina as well as the G-spot.  I think both toys would be great for anal play and the Warm Up would be especially good for beginners.

The Sport is still a great toy, and I would recommend it to people who want softer, more flexible toys, or those who want a less intense G-spot toy.  The Slow Drive is the one you want if you’re looking for more intense G-spot stimulation.

The limited edition colors are available starting in April and they will be exclusively available at SheVibe and the Tantus webstore. The price point is pretty decent as well,get yours before they’re gone!

 You can also find the Tantus SportSlow Drive and Warm Up at SheVibe.

Thank you to the awesome folks at Tantus who gave me the Tantus Sport and Slow Drive in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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