Review: Minna Limon

Overall Rating 4/5 Rating-stars4

Vibration Intensity 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2



Squeeze technology makes this toy the ultimate in customizability.

Great range in vibration intensity.

Great size and shape.

Body safe materials.




Charging stand can be a little finicky.

No wall adapter included.

The highest vibration speed isn’t as rumbly as those of the lower end.

Moderate vibrations, but they may not be strong enough for some users.

Patterns can’t be saved.


Minna Limon teal hand

The Limon by Minna Life is a newly released clitoral vibe that is a follow up to the fabulous Minna Ola vibrator. What makes the Minna Ola and Limon so interesting is that they are touch sensitive and you control the vibrations by squeezing them. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. Not only can you control the intensity of the vibrations, but you can create, record, and play back literally any vibration pattern you please. This toy is a must have if you love patterned vibrations.

The Limon is rechargeable via a magnetic charging system, so there are no open charging ports. The Limon is also 100% waterproof and submersible, so not only is it a great toy to take in the bath, but it’s also very easy to clean.


Minna Limon Teal Packaging

The Limon comes in a sturdy cardboard canister. The lid lifts off to reveal the Limon perched in a little tray and below the tray are the instructions, charger, and little microfiber storage pouch.

Minna Limon teal size measurements

The Minna Limon has pretty much the same size and shape of a real lemon, with a round body and a nice tip on one end that can be used for getting vibrations and pressure right where you want them. The Limon is covered in buttery smooth silicone that comes in teal and pink. The Limon is firm at both ends, but the sides of the toy’s mid section are the squishy, air filled vibration controls.


Minna Limon teal squeeze




Minna Limon teal magnetic charger base

The Limon has a magnetic charger that doubles as a little stand. The Limon comes with a USB cord that you can attach to your computer, or similar device, and charge that way. Or you can buy a separate USB wall adapter and charge it at any regular outlet, which I feel gives you a lot more freedom than being tethered to a computer.


Minna Limon Teal Light

When setting it on the charger I can never tell which way is lined up, so I end up setting it down and rotating it until it lights up. About half the time the I’ll rotate the Limon a little too far past the correct alignment and sometimes this will make the Limon pulse and turn on (and almost vibrate itself off its stand in the process – which is not helpful) I’m not sure why the Limon sometimes turns on when the connection to the charger isn’t quite right, but it will automatically turn off when the proper connection is made.

Once the Limon is lined up correctly, one of the Limon’s sides will glow and pulse while it’s charging and you’ll know it’s done when the light stays solid.


How it works


The Limon is controlled by a single button on its side.

Press the bottom to turn the Limon and it will pulse at you to tell you how much charge the battery has. 3 pulses for a full chare, 2 pulses for medium, and 1 pulse means the battery is low.

Minna Limon teal modes free record lock lights

Free Mode

By default you start in free mode. In this mode you can squeeze the Limon and directly control the vibrations.

It’s fun, but your hand may get tired.


Record Mode

This mode is where you create patterns. There’s a variety of things you can do, for example: you can make quick squeezes that translate into pulses. You can alternate squeezing light and hard to make rollercoaster type vibrations. Or you can squeeze and hold the Limon for a couple of seconds at a desired intensity to make a constant vibration setting instead of pulse.

Once you let up on the Limon, it’ll start playing back and start looping whatever vibrations you just created. If you’re satisfied with your creation, press the button once more to go into lock mode.

Note: be careful not to accidentally squeeze or bump the Limon’s squishy control pad while you’re trying to press the button to put the Limon in lock mode. The Limon will immediately let go of your recorded (but not yet saved) pattern. It’s sad when this happens.


Lock Mode

In lock mode your pattern is safe and cannot be accidentally erased. You can squeeze the Limon all you want in lock mode without having fear of losing your creation.

At this point you can press the button again to take you back into free play mode. You can press and hold the button for a moment to turn the Limon off at any time.

Be aware that once you leave the lock mode, whether you pop back into free mode or turn the Limon off, your pattern will be erased.


My Thoughts

I thought the Ola was really cool so I was pretty interested when I heard about the Limon. The same great quality and packaging are there, and the vibrations are pretty nice and rumbly at the lower level intensities. To be honest though, I’m not really a huge fan of patterned vibrations externally, and of course that’s one of the big selling points on the Limon. You can still make steady vibrations in all the different intensities just fine, so I still get use and enjoyment out of it. But I’m sure I don’t fully appreciate the Limon’s as much as someone who really likes patterned vibrations on the clit. And don’t get me wrong, this is in no way any complaint about the Limon and I have a lot of appreciate for its versatility. Not all clit vibes come with patterns, and they’re usually pretty limited when they do, so the Limon is really, really great in that regard.

I really like the size and shape and I think the tip is great, but I do have a little bit of a problem with the design. What bothers me is that the entire Limon vibrates violently, not just the tip. I think that’s pretty unavoidable with this shape, but the vibrations make my hand feel tingly or itchy after just a few minutes of use and that makes it a little bit of a struggle for me to hold. Some good news is that the vibrations don’t seem to dampen too much when I apply pressure with the Limon.

I say that it you love vibration patterns when it comes to clitoral stimulation, then this toy is for you. Your clit will be in pattern heaven!


You can find the Minna Limon online at the Minna Life store.


You can also find the Minna Limon at SheVibe

Thank you to the awesome folks at Minna Life who were kind enough to send me the Minna Limon in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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