Review: Admiral by Pleasure Works

Overall Rating 4/5 Rating-stars4



It’s made of body safe silicone.

Can be worn in a harness.

Pronounced head is effective for G-spot and P-spot play.


The semi-realistic looks might be a plus for some users, but others might not find it realistic enough.

Not all harnesses can accommodate the testicular base.

Head may catch on the pubic bones for some users.

Pleasure Works Admiral


The Admiral is a silicone, semi-realistic dildo by Pleasure Works that features a long shaft and a testicular shaped base. The Admiral has a pronounced, textured head that can easily stimulate both G-spots and P-spots.

I call the Admiral semi-realistic because of the stylized texture it has on its shaft which doesn’t allow it to look completely convincing. But it’s interesting because the testicles and the head have much more believable texture.


Pleasure Works Admiral Box


The Admiral comes in very simple packaging. The outer box has an image of the Admiral along with some basic info about it, then inside you’ll find it in a plastic bag.

The Admiral is made of silicone and comes in three different flesh tones; vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. Mine is in the medium caramel color. Silicone is great because it’s a 100% body safe material and can even be sterilized, which is important if you’re going to be using the Admiral both vaginally and anally, or if you plan on sharing it with a partner. If you want to learn more about silicone and it’s cleaning, check out my guide here.

I have always been told to store dildos with testicular bases upright because they can warp. I store all of my dildos standing up and it keeps them in perfect condition.


Pleasure Works Admiral


The Admiral’s silicone is a medium softness and to me is feels similar to Vixen Creations regular (not dual density) silicone. The Admiral can easily flex and bend but is still firm enough to retain its shape and allow the texture to be felt. The silicone does lube up well and I don’t find that I need to reapply lube as often as I do with silicone toys from some other manufacturers.


Pleasure Works Admiral Measurements


The Admiral is a total of 8″ long with an insertable length of 7.5″. The head has a circumference of 4.75″, and right below it the shaft starts out at a circumference of 4.25″ and works up to 4.75″ near the base. The base is 4.25″ by 2.6″ and is 1.2″ thick at the thickest point.

The Admiral can fit in a harness, but it depends on which kind you have. To successfully strap on the Admiral you need a harness that can accommodate the balls. Some harnesses have a strap at the bottom of the O-ring (or simply a closed area) that will not allow the balls to hang down, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to use the Admiral for strap-on sex.

Because the Admiral is long it will droop a little bit in a harness, but it’s not so soft that it will flop around and be unwieldy.


Pleasure Works Admiral


My Thoughts


When first checking out the Admiral I thought it looked really similar to the Pleasure Works Cadet which I loved, the only major difference I noticed was the balls that the Admiral has. Other than that they pretty much looked the same and there aren’t many product photos I could use to compare them.

It turns out that there are quite a number of differences. The Admiral is longer, thinner, has a rounder shaft, a stronger curve, different head shape and the head’s texture is different. The Admiral also feels ever-so-slightly firmer to me than the Cadet did.

Here’s some comparison photos so you can see the differences:
Pleasure Works Admiral and Cadet head textures


Pleasure Works Admiral and Cadet


I really loved how the shaft of the Cadet isn’t totally round, but is more of an oval shape that’s flatter on the its top and underside. But unlike the Cadet, the Admiral has a pretty much perfectly round.

I noted the texture on the shaft earlier and though it doesn’t look as “finished” as the rest of the dildo, it’s still very effective when it comes to stimulation. I find the ridges glide really easy and don’t catch or feel rough.  The head is more pronounced than the Cadet and I can definitely feel it while it’s in use and it gives me more direct G-spot stimulation. I do find it the ridge of the head doesn’t glide past my pubic bone as easily as the Cadet’s and can sometimes feel like it catches a little. The catching isn’t a big deal for me, in fact I kind of like it, but I know it may be an issue for some users.

Something you may want to take note of is that the Admiral has a deep groove that connects the underside of the head to the urethra opening and fluids can get trapped in it, so it might take a little more attention to clean.

Pleasure Works Admiral and Cadet head comparison


The shaft is on the thinner side, so the Admiral might be idea for those who are looking for a realistic silicone dildo that has balls, but don’t want a whole lot of girth. As you can see, The Admiral is significantly thinner than the Vixskin Bandit:


Pleasure Works Admiral and the Vixskin Bandit


Something that’s neat about the Admiral compared to other realistic silicone dildos with balls is that the admiral has shape and texture on the balls that goes all the way around, even on the underside of the base, whereas the Vixskin Johnny and Vixskin Bandit are completely flat and smooth.


Pleasure Works Admiral, Vixksin Johnny and Vixskin Bandit bases


All in all I’m pleased with the Pleasure Works Admiral and I’m happy to have it in my collection. I really loved the Cadet and having the Admiral is great for when I want a little more G-spot attention.

Kudos to Pleasure Works for making some great dildos!

You can find the Pleasure Works Admiral at Good Vibrations

Thank you to the folks at Good Vibrations who were kind enough to send me the Pleasure Works Admiral in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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