Review: We-Vibe Touch


Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Intensity 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2



Deep, rumbly vibrations.

Body-safe materials.



1 Year manufacturer warranty.

Storage pouch.



Battery life isn’t the best.

The charger can be finicky.


We-Vibe Touch

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of clit vibes out there. There are plenty that are waterproof, rechargeable, and can fit in the palm of your hand. But there is one that outshines the rest in my eyes.

Meet the We-Vibe Touch. The rumbly, the shapely, the out-of-this-world We-Vibe Touch.

We-Vibe Touch Box

The Touch comes in a white box along with instructions, charger, and a white satin drawstring storage pouch.


We-Vibe Touch


The Touch is covered in shiny, body safe silicone that has a lot of drag. This particular silicone collects every little bit of lint and hair, but it is very easy to maintain a grip on. The Touch is mostly rigid, but has a little bit of give and the curved tip can be bent a little bit. If you want to learn more about the care and cleaning of silicone, check out my guide here.

We-Vibe Touch Measurements


The Touch is 4″ long and 1.75″ wide at its widest part. It has a curved spoon shaped tip that measures 1.5″ by 1.75″. The Touch can easily fit in the palm of your hand and has an ergonomic shape.

It’s easy to hold the Touch like a computer mouse, though I often grip it with three fingers somewhat like how you would hold a pencil. The curved tip can provide great clitoral contact and offer broad stimulation while the tip can be used to focus more pinpoint vibrations right where you want them. You can also turn the Touch on its side and get a different sensation altogether. And yet another option, you can turn the Touch’s point away from you and you’ll get broader stimulation, though the vibrations will feel a tiny bit weaker like this. But hey, options!



We-Vibe Touch Charger

The Touch charges via a magnetic charger that attaches to the metal dots on its base. These style charges can be quite finicky and can easily lose contact with the Touch’s base.

You’ll know the unit and the charger are lined up properly when the little orange light on the charger lights up. A full charge takes about 90 minutes and the light will turn off when charging is complete. The problem is that the light will also turn off if the charger gets shifted out of alignment, so sometimes you’ll come back and think your toy is done charging, but instead it didn’t charge at all. I always jiggle the charger to make sure it didn’t just get dislodged and still need more charging time. It’s best to find a flat surface that won’t be bumped or disturbed to ensure proper charging.

On average I usually get anywhere between an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half of play time from each full charge.

How it works

The Touch is controlled by a single button on its base and you press that button to turn it on. The Touch does have a memory feature so it will start up at the last setting you were using. There are 8 vibration modes which are the exact same ones the Salsa and Tango have. You press the button to cycle through them.

The modes are:

We-vibe Wevibe Salsa Standard Innovations Modes Settings

If you press the button once you’ve reach the end of the modes the Touch will turn off, you can also press and hold the button to turn the Touch off at any time.


My Thoughts

The Touch is my favorite clit vibe to date, with the Salsa and Tango being the next best. Even though I’m sure they all have very similar motors and identical controls, I find the Touch to be so much better.

I think it’s probably because the curved tip of the Touch makes the perfect amount of contact with my clit. Also, the Touch can provide a combo of broad and pinpoint vibrations, whereas the Salsa and Tango can only do pinpoint.  Don’t get me wrong, the Salsa and Tango are still great vibes, especially because they can be inserted into pretty much any toy that has a hole for a removable bullet. Also, the Touch is just so much easier to hold and the material has a little bit of give which it nice.

The Touch can also be used during sex because the thin, flat shape can easily fit between partners.

The vibrations just have a nice deep and rumbly feeling that other clit vibes, including the Salsa and Tango, can’t match. The vibrations also seem to keep most of their strength when you press down hard with the Touch. There will be a slight change in the vibrations, but that’s unavoidable and will happen to some degree with any vibe you apply pressure to.

Wait, what’s this? A brand new version of the We-Vibe Touch, you say?

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the silicone texture of the Touch. I personally like it, though it is hard impossible to keep dust and hairs off. We-Vibe has come out with a brand new revamped version of the Touch that features the same matte silicone that’s used on the We-Vibe 4. There is also an improved charging pad that promises to keep better contact while charging. I now have a review on the updated version of the Touch that you can read here.


I often use strong wand style vibrators externally, but the Touch is my favorite when it comes to actual clit vibes.  The build-up is usually a little bit longer because I’m used to really heavy hitters, but the climax the Touch produces are incredible and well worth the wait. Also, I haven’t noticed any bit of numbing while using the Touch like I can get with other strong vibes.

I highly recommend giving the Touch a look if you’re searching for a great the best clit vibe.


You can find the brand new version of the We-Vibe Touch available at


You can also find the new We-Vibe Touch at

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