Review: Sinclair Institute Renew 8X Wand


Overall Rating 2/5 Rating-stars2

Vibration Intensity 4/5

Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4Noise Level 3/5




8 vibration settings, including patterns.

The head is cushioned, so it’s ideal for those who don’t like hard massagers.

Claims to fit Hitachi attachments.

Vibrations don’t dull with pressure.


The cap has a foam insert which isn’t fully covered, I worry about it not holding up over time.

Wand is on the buzzy side and the vibrations might not get deep enough for muscle massage.

The cushioned head does dull the vibrations somewhat.

Not super-strong.


Sinclair Institute Renew 8x Wand

The Sinclair Institute’s Select 8X Renew wand is a corded body wand that features 8 modes of vibration. The 8X Renew wand comes in a simple cardboard box along with a page of instructions, warning, and warranty information.


Sinclair Institute Renew 8x Wand Box


The body of the wand is made from ABS Plastic and the head is a thin silicone cap with a foam insert. The head is removable and you can take out the foam insert and give the silicone a good washing if needed. The instructions for the wand warn against using silicone-based lubricants with it. It you want to learn a little more about silicone and how to clean and care for it, you can check out my guide here.


Sinclair Institute Renew 8x Wand Head Foam


The soft head is an interesting feature, but the is a little gap next to where it fits on the wand where the foam is exposed a little bit. It’s possible for lube or bodily fluids to get on it and the foam isn’t really washable. So I’m a little concerned how it may hold up over time.

The Renew Wand is just under 13″ long and the silicone head measures 2 and 1/8″ long and 7″ around. The instructions say the cord is 80″ long, but it’s actually just over 90″ (7.5″) and has a little velcro cord keeper. This wand is also really light, so using it is not a strain on the wrists.

Here’s the Renew Wand next to the Magic Wand Original (Hitachi)


Sinclair Institute Renew 8x Wand Hitachi Magic Wand Original


The box and instructions for the Renew wand claim that the head will fit any standard (Hitachi) sized attachments. You might be able to see in the photo, but the head of the Renew Wand is slightly smaller than the Hitachi and it’s squishy as well so I’m not sure if all attachments would have a snug enough fit to stay put.


Sinclair Institute Renew 8x Wand Head


The neck is flexible and bends easily. Also, I have noticed that the vibration don’t seem to dull much when you apply a lot of pressure with it, which is always a major plus for me because I apply a lot of pressure with my toys.




Sinclair Institute Renew 8x Wand Controls


The 8X Renew Wand is controlled by two buttons. One of the buttons is a dedicated on/off switch, which is always a good feature if you have housemates. The second button has an icon that looks somewhat like it has to do with heating, but it’s the function button that scrolls through the different mode. The settings are:

1. Steady low

2. Steady medium

3. Steady high

4. Two short pulses followed by a long pulse.

5. Pulses that increase in intensity from low to high, and then drop back and start over again.

6. Regular pulsing.

7. Rapid pulsing.

8. Ramping vibrations – low to high, (pause) low to high (pause)…


My Thoughts


I must say, I was a little bummed when I discovered the 8X didn’t mean 8 intensities of steady vibration, but instead was only 3 speeds and then 5 patterns. It is kind of cool that there’s a variety of patterns because you don’t normally expect that from a wand. I don’t really like to use pattern externally, so I won’t put them to use very often, but they are fun to have.

Ok, the burning question I’m sure you all have: How does it compare to the Hitachi?

I just got a Hitachi, like literally 2 days before posting this review, so I received it just in time so I could compare the two of them for you guys.

I can tell you that the 8X Renew Wand is less rumbly than the Hitachi, and its high setting is probably close to the Hitachi’s low. The Renew is on the buzzier side as well, so it’s not be the best for deep muscle massage.

This wand has ok vibrations and is stronger than most clitoral vibes on the market and it should enough to get the job done for the average user. Though if you’re a power queen I doubt this wand will be enough for you.

I actually took the cap off and used the actual plastic head of the wand to see if it was better. The instructions don’t warn against doing this, but there are some holes where the unit is screwed together; I make sure to keep those faced away from me. The vibrations are definitely stronger without having to go through the foam.

This wand hasn’t wowed me, and to be honest I’m really not a big fan of the way the head is constructed with foam or the fact that the head is soft and the vibrations get dulled.

I would say this could be an option if you’re looking for a wand with a soft head and patterns, and don’t need crazy strong vibrations. But it might not be the best if you think you might be prone to getting fluids on the wand because of that foam under the cap. If you’re looking for something that has a lot of power or want something you know will hold up over time I would suggest sticking with a classic and getting a Magic Wand Original a.k.a. Hitachi.

The 8X Renew Wand does come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty which is always a plus.



Thank you to the awesome folks at who were kind enough to send me the Renew 8x Wand for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Camryn Jones

    Foam you say? *peers over glasses*
    I’ll have to pass on this one.

  • Erm. How is it even possible not to get fluid on there…….. I don’t have a Magic Wand, so I have no idea how the vibration on this toy works….but seeing that it’s buzzy for you, I don’t think it’ll work out really well for me neither.