Review: Tantus Pack ‘n Play 1 and 2

Overall Rating 4/5 Rating-stars4



Soft silicone.

Harness compatible.

Both function wonderfully as dildos.

Body safe materials.


Packing will be a little difficult.

Base of No. 1 is very thick.


Tantus Pack n' Play 1 & 2

Today I’m reviewing both the Tantus Pack ‘n Play 1 & 2. As the name implies they are made to be able to be both worn as packers and then used as strap-on dildos when the time comes, no having to change out toys in between. The Pack n’ Plays are made of out premium grade silicone and currently only come in one color, Caramel. Silicone is  latex and phthalate free , and non porous; meaning it won’t harbor any harmful bacteria in its material. Silicone is one of the safest sex toy materials and is great if you share your toys because it is completely sterilizable.

The Pack n’ Plays have a semi-realistic design, it’s what I would consider a stylized penis. There are some slight ridges that run up and down the shaft that somewhat resemble veining. The heads are shiny and get nice and slick when lube is applied, and the shaft has a matte, velvety finish that can feel a little bit grabby. The silicone does have a lot of drag and it does pick up lint and hair very easily.

Tantus Pack n' Play 1 & 2 Measurements

The Pack n’ Play 1 is 8″ long, with 7″ of it being insertable. The head is 5.25″ around the shaft narrows down to 4.75″ near the base. The base is 0.75″ thick and is on the chunkier side and has a diameter of 2.6″.

The Pack n’ Play 2 is a total of 6.25″ long, with 5.6″ of it being insertable. The head measures 4.5″ around, the shaft gets a little wider at 4.75″ near the base. The base has a pretty low profile, it’s only about 0.38″ tall and has a diameter of 2.75″.

The Pack n’ Play 1 has the same design as the Tantus Vamp, but the Pack n’ Play 1 is slightly smaller.

The Pack n’ Play 2 has a very similar design to the Tantus O2 Mark, but once again it’s a little smaller and the ratios of soft/firm silicone are totally different.

The Pack ‘n Plays are technically a dual density toys, but it’s not the same as the rest of Tantus’s O2 line. They do have an inner core of firmer silicone like the O2 toys, but the core is located only around the base of the shaft. The base has some of the firmer silicone in it so it’s not floppy, and the core extends up only about an inch or two into the shaft, and the entire rest of the shaft is made completely out of Tantus Super Soft silicone.

I really like Tantus Super Soft silicone because it’s so plush and squishy. I like to squeeze it. A lot.

Tantus Pack n' Play 1


I think the soft silicone is great in a strap on dildo because it can be easy for one partner to get excited and carried away with thrusting, which can cause the partner on the receiving end a little discomfort, or even bruising. The softer silicone it so much more forgiving and can keep discomfort to a minimum.

There’s tons of flexibility, but there’s still enough firmness to keep them from completely flopping around.

Tantus Pack n' Play 1 & 2


The No. 2 sticks out straight with no flop when held in a harness, though the No. 1 does have a little bit of drooping going on. The firmness is great for playing, but not for packing (more on that later). And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t find either of them too soft or difficult to insert at all.


Cleaning and Care

For cleaning I like to spray my toys with toy cleaner and rinse them off in the sink. You can also use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer. You can also sterilize the Pack n’ Plays by boiling the toy in a pot of water for a few minutes or by soaking it in a 10% bleach solution.

Because these toys are silicone, I recommend sticking with water-based lube with these toys. Sometimes silicone-based lubes and silicone toys can have a chemical reaction with each other that messes up the toy’s material. Usually this doesn’t happen with higher end premium silicone like the kind Tantus uses, but I figure it can depend on the silicone lubricant as well, and so I avoid using it just to be careful. But if there’s a silicone lubricant you really want to use, I recommend doing a spot test first. Dab a bit of the lube on a small area on part of the toy that won’t be inserted, and if you see any change in texture or stickiness develop, do not use that lube.

My Thoughts

I’m very pleased with both the Pack n’ Plays when it comes to using them as dildos. As those of you who follow me already know, I’m crazy about soft, squishy dildos. I specifically went for the Pack n’ Plays because I was interested in the shape of both the O2 Mark and the Vamp, but they’re much firmer than I like. I’m pretty much loving that these toys are made mostly of plushy Tantus Super Soft silicone.

Between the Pack n’ Play 1  and 2, I do like the 2 a lot better, but that’s just because of a little preference with the shape.

The size of the 2 isn’t very large so not everyone will be crazy about it, but I like medium sized dildos so I think it’s great.  I can easily take it without any warming up first. (I’m not a patient person when it comes to masturbation. At all.)

For those who want a more girth and length, there’s the 1. I didn’t really find the ridge under the head to be an issue, I wasn’t really able to feel it most of the time. I didn’t get a whole lot of G-spot stimulation with either of them, but I did feel a little bit with No. 2

And here’s a line up of the Pack n’ Plays with a number of other harness-compatible dildos:

Pleasure Works Cadet
Whereas I think the Pack n’ Plays work fabulously as dildos, I’m not as convinced they would work that well as packers. The base of the 2 is not very tick, but while it is very flexible, you still need a bit of pressure to keep it bent down because of that short, firm inner core in the base of the shaft. The base of the 1 is much thicker, and the longer length makes this one twice as difficult to hide.
I personally wear pretty form fitting pants, and I can’t get the Pack ‘n Plays to be anything less than very noticeable when it’s in my pants. If you wear looser pants (..or a skirt, or a bathrobe, or a mumu), you’ll probably have a little more luck. You’ll also have an easier time hiding the bulge if you have a some sort of tight underwear to keep it pinned down against you. I’ve also heard a tip that if your using a harness with straps (as opposed to cotton, underwear-style packing garments, you can loosen the straps just enough to tuck the Pack ‘n Plays in to it and keep it held down. I also think the a slightly looser harness would allow the Pack ‘n Plays to point a little downwards to begin with, this way it won’t have to be bent as much to keep it down. And you can play and experiment to find what works best for you.
So the packing abilities of these toys leave a bit to be desired, but it is workable. That’s pretty much the only drawback I can find with the Pack ‘n Plays. If you’re someone who’s looking to use these strictly as dildos, I say go for it!
I was not disappointed.

You can find both the Tantus Pack ‘n Play No. 1 and Pack ‘n Play No. 2 at SheVibe


You can also find the Tantus Pack ‘n Play No. 1 and Pack ‘n Play No. 2 at Early to bed. They are the same toy, but they have different names, Sawyer and Austin.


  • Camryn Jones

    I really appreciate your size diagrams. They’re very helpful.
    I like my Mark & my Vamp, and I enjoy my VIP Super Soft, so I really want to pick these up. I’ll be using them as dildos, so I’m not too worried about the difficulty packing.

  • I WANT THIS!! I want the No.2! The sizing is perfect, but most importantly, I want to have a dick to wear around in my pants! I’ll proudly be able to tell my partner that I have a boner *laughs*. If it worked better with pants, I would so wear this outside just for fun… would be so awesome. Sad that it didn’t work out that great under pants =(

  • Pantophile Panic

    Whenever I need a TLDR review, I go to yours. I love that all of your
    pros and cons are up front at the top where I can see them, and your
    size charts are wonderful. It is obvious that you put a lot of effort
    into your reviews and I really appreciate that.

    I really wish these came in other colors besides that caramel. I really love Tantus’ super soft silicone, and have been wanting to try more. I can totally picture you just squeezing it all day long. Maybe someday I will get over my aversion to representational/realistic dildos, but today they just aren’t doing it for me. Thanks for another great review!

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