2013: So Yeah, That Happened.

Hello peeps,

I hope you all had a enjoyable holiday season and are having a happy new year!

For me 2013 has been an exciting and busy year, for sure. There was a lot going on in both my personal and blogging life that have been keeping me pretty busy.

I took the next step
I gained a lot of passion for reviewing toys early in 2013, and I really threw myself into it. I was ambitious, but I didn’t really know where I was going to go with it because at that time I didn’t have my own space to publish my reviews and I was posting them on an adult toy retailer’s website.
The summer was very busy because my husband and I purchased our first home, and that entire process pretty much consumed our time and energy. I almost feel like I’m still recovering from it and for a while I didn’t have much drive or energy. I was interested in setting up my blog, but it seemed like a daunting task so I put it off for a while.
I finally set up my own self-hosted blog in early October and at last had a place to post all my reviews. It’s been really fun so far and I’m so glad I did it, but it’s always a work in progress. I realized that November marked my 1-year anniversary of reviewing sex toys, in a way it feels like I haven’t been doing this for a year already, but at the same time it kind of feels like I’ve been doing it forever.

I met some cool people
Something that really made this year awesome was getting to meet other sex positive people and fellow bloggers.
Early this fall I happened to be in an adult shop with my husband (aka “the hubs”) and we were checking out the displays of toys and chatting with a really nice girl who worked there about toys and some of the workshops that they were hosting. On our way out of the shop I happened to glance down at a table filled with flyers and business cards and I happened to see Epiphora‘s famous business cards. If you don’t know who Epiphora is, check out her site at HeyEpiphora.com – she’s pretty much the sex toy guru. At this point I geeked out and I turn back to the girl I was chatting with and asked her how Epiphora’s cards got there. She looked at me, looked both ways and then said quietly, “That’s me, I’m her!.” I really couldn’t believe it at first, but it turns out the person I had been BSing with for the past 20 minutes was someone who’s blog I had been a huge fan of.

I also met up with another fellow blogger, SecretlySensuous, that lives nearby to me. We chatted about toys and hit all the local adult stores (I call this the Tour de SexShops). We had fun getting to touch and play with a lot of cool toys, and I got to introduce her to the awesomeness that is VixSkin.

In late December I went to a sex blogger party and got to meet some more awesome people; Redhead BedheadQueeraschino CherryAerie and Lorax of Sex who joined us via Skype. We ate penis-shaped cookies, gabbed about toys, played Cards Against Humanity, and we may or may not have taken turns riding Piphy’s Sybian. Of course I had to take my new-found love, the Pleasure Works Cadet, with me for show-and-tell. A good time was had by all the Epiphora summed up the evening in a lot more detail in a post that you can read here.

This coming year:

I’m really glad that I’ve gotten the chance to meet some awesome sex positive peeps. That’s what really pushed me to decide to go to CatalystCon East this coming March. I’m looking forward to, not only, meeting more of my peers, but also being able to meet people in the industry as well. I’ve gotten all my travel arrangements made and I’m getting super excited now.

I also plan to start posting more things on my blog besides just reviews. We’ll see how that plan goes, but I look forward to putting myself out there a bit more.
I think this year is going to be full of very exciting things. Stay tuned!


  • Camryn Jones

    It sounds like you’ve had a very exciting year! Congrats on buying a house!
    I hope 2014 is just as fun, if not better!

  • You forgot the part where after you met me, I forced you to come over to my apartment THAT VERY NIGHT.

    Really, though, that was one of the highlights of my life. I felt like such a celeb. And to think, if you hadn’t said anything, we would have never connected and been able to hang out so much. I can’t wait for Catalyst!

  • Jillian Boyd

    That sounds like a pretty awesome year! Wish I could come to Catalyst (and that it wasn’t so bloody far away for me (-_-) ).

  • Bex

    That’s so awesome that you just randomly ran into Epiphora like that! I’m also super pumped to see that you’ll be attending Catalyst too, there are going to be so many awesome people there!

  • I had SO MUCH FUN hitting the shops with you, thanks muchly for the introduction!! Been meaning to catch up again but life got the better of me. Keep up the great work!