Review: Tantus O2 Adam

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Body safe material.

Dual density silicone.

Curve for G-spot / P-spot stimulation.

Harness compatible.


The silicone has lots of drag.

The outer layer of super soft silicone is thin.


Tantus O2 Adam

The O2 Adam is a semi realistic dildo by Tantus. Adam is a dual density dildo, meaning that it has a firm inner core and a softer outer layer. The firm core gives this toy the ability to keep its shape and not flop around when it’s being used in a harness. And the softer out layer of silicone makes this toy feel a little more realistic, like a layer of flesh over the hard inner core. The O2 Adam has a curved shaft, which is designed to stimulate G-spots and P-spots.

The O2 Adam comes in standard Tantus packaging. The box is clear and shows the toy sitting on the inside and the outside of the box features a little bit of info about Tantus silicone.

Tantus O2 Adam

Adam comes in 3 different colors; Cream (light fleshtone), Cocoa (medium fleshtone), and a true black. The Adam I have is in the medium Cocoa color.

Adam is a stylized, semi realistic dildo. So while it resembles a penis, it doesn’t look like one I’ve ever seen. Adam’s shaft has a matte, velvety look, and has some light ridges that resemble veins. The silicone does have a bit of drag and will easily pick up lint and hair. The head is shiny and is slipperier than the matte silicone once you apply lube, and this makes inserting Adam easier.

Tantus O2 Adam

I recommend sticking with water-based lube with this toy because it is made of silicone. Sometimes silicone-based lubes and silicone toys can have a chemical reaction with each other that messes up the toy’s material. Usually this doesn’t happen with higher end premium silicone like the kind Tantus uses, but I figure it can depend on the silicone lubricant as well, and so I avoid using it just to be careful.

Cleaning Adam is very easy, I like to spray mine down with toy cleaner and rinse it off in the sink. You can also use soap and water or toy wipes if that’s what you have handy. And because this toy is silicone you can boil it or use a 10% bleach solution to sanitize it.

Tantus O2 Adam


The O2 Adam has a total length of 7.5″, with 6.75″ of it being insertable. The Adam has a circumference of 5″ around the head, and it taper slightly down to 4.75″ near its base. The coronal ridge on Adam is very mild and there is also some light ridges than run up and down the shaft.

The harness compatible base is about 0.5″ thick and has a diameter of 2.75″. The base is pretty rigid and should have no problem staying put in a harness. I’ve noticed that the bottom of the base on my Adam isn’t perfectly flat, so it’s very easy to tip over if I stand it up on a countertop. There is no break between Adam’s firm inner core and the firm silicone of its base, which keeps Adam sticking straight out while it’s in a harness, and there is no flop whatsoever.


Tantus O2 Adam


Adam is mostly composed of the firmer silicone in its center, and the squishier outer layer is not very thick. I can tell that the softer outer layer is thickest on the underside of the shaft, and it’s thinnest on the front of the shaft. Overall the toy is pretty rigid and doesn’t have very much give. Those who like softer toys might be a little disappointed, but at least the firmness keeps the G-spot curve effective. The core doesn’t extend to the tip of the toy, and Adam’s head is a little softer than the shaft, but not by that much.

Tantus O2 Adam

You can bend the Adam a little bit, but you’ll have to apply a fair amount of pressure. Here’s the Adam at its max bend:

Tantus O2 Adam

My Experience

I was excited to get to try the O2 Adam because I’m a big fan on Tantus’s super soft silicone. I had both Pack n’ Play 1 & 2 in my collection, along with the O2 Cush. What I noticed right away with Adam is that it has much less super soft silicone than the Cush, so it feels much firmer.

Even though I like softer dildos, I feel that the firmness of Adam is ok because it helps keep the curved shape. If Adam was too soft I suppose it would not be able to keep its curve and it wouldn’t be very easy to stimulate the G-spot. Adam also has a very smooth and subtle coronal ridge and I don’t get any popping sensation when thrusting this toy like I get with other toys with more prominent ridges. This may be a plus for some people, but I was kind of disappointed because I wasn’t able to get as much G-spot stimulation from Adam as I was hoping for.

I mentioned the silicone is pretty draggy and I do have to use a lot of lube, and it seems to disappear quickly so I do a lot of reapplying as well. Because the drag is strong I don’t really find it that comfortable to thrust. I don’t always thrust my toys so it isn’t the biggest deal to me, but there’s still more drag than I prefer.

Overall I think the O2 Adam is a nice dildo, and even though it wasn’t my favorite I know it will still be a great toy for many people. I think Adams size in nice, it’s not too big or too small and the shape is very comfortable, I feel that the average user should be able to enjoy it. I also wasn’t really able to feel the light veining, so this toy should still be fine even for those who aren’t texture fans.

If you’re looking for a great quality, somewhat realistic dildo that is harness compatible, the Tantus O2 Adam is a great option.


You can find the O2 Adam at the Tantus store.

You can also find the Tantus O2 Adam at SheVibe.

Thank you to the awesome folks at Tantus who were kind enough to send me the O2 Adam in exchange for an honest review.


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