Review: Tantus Plunge Paddle

Overall Rating 4/5 Rating-stars4



2-in-1 paddle/dildo combo.

Body-safe material.

Paddle delivers a strong smack.


Hole in the insertable portion may be a cleaning concern for some.


Plunge Paddle Tantus

The Plunge Paddle is a brand spankin’ new 2-in-1 paddle / dildo combo from Tantus.  Those who are into impact play will appreciate that this item makes it easy to go straight from spanking to penetration without having to dig out another toy.  The paddle is made out of 100% body-safe silicone and can deliver quite a smack. The handle portion is insertable and can be used for both G-spot and P-spot play.

Tantus Plunge Paddle

The Plunge Paddle is a total of 13″ long. The flat paddle portion measures 6.75″ long and just over 3″ wide. The handle of the paddle is a dildo that is a total of 7″ long, with at least 5.5″ of it being comfortably insertable. The handle features a bulbous head that measures just over 4″ around and is meant to stimulate both G-spots and P-spots. The rest of the shaft measures between 3.25 to 3.5″ around and features a ridge down the center of its back, so it’s not completely round.

The bulbous head does have a hole through it which is where the manufacturer’s tag attaches, but can later be used to hang the paddle. The hole is very rounded and smooth and shouldn’t catch or cause any discomfort while in use. But this hole may be a little bit of an issue when it comes to cleaning and might require some extra attention.

Tantus Plunge Paddle

The Plunge Paddle is made out of 100% ultra premium body-safe silicone. The silicone has a very buttery, smooth velvet finish. I’ve noticed that this silicone doesn’t have very much drag while it’s dry and lint and hair don’t stick to it quite as much as other silicone toys. I have noticed that the silky finish does show fingerprints easily.

The Plunge Paddle is also very flexible, this is part of the reason why this paddle is able to deliver such a wicked sting without using too much force.

Tantus Plunge Paddle

The Plunge Paddle comes in a plastic bag and has a nice manufacturers tag. Something you may notice right away is that there is a plastic smell. This might worry some people because silicone isn’t supposed to have a smell at all. Please be aware that the smell is not coming from the paddle itself, but from the tag. The smell goes away after removing the paddle from the bag and taking the tag off.

Because this toy is silicone I always recommend using water-based lubes. Silicone-based lubricants can potentially have a chemical reaction with the silicone material the toy is made of, which can result in your toy getting damaged. You usually don’t have to worry about this reaction with high end premium silicone like the kind that Tantus uses, but I figure it can depend on the specific lube as well. I avoid it just to be extra safe, but if you want to use a silicone lube, I recommend doing a small spot test on a portion of the item that won’t be inserted. If you see any reaction or change in texture, do not use that lube with the toy.

For cleaning, I like to spray my Plunge Paddle down with toy cleaner and rinse it. You can also use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer.

The hole in the center of the head may require a bit of extra effort when it comes to cleaning.  This hole easily collects lubricant, bodily fluids, and other debris, so make sure to pay special attention to it.

My tips are;

1. Clean the paddle right after you’re done using it and before fluids have time to dry and crust in the hole.
2. Rinse as much debris out under running water as you can. I’m usually able to get everything out this way so long as I rinse it immediately after use.
3. You can use a Q-tip or twisted tissue to try and get tenacious debris out of the hole. But if you need something with a little more cleaning power, my best recommendation is to use a spoolie (mascara) brush. You can find spoolie brushes  at beauty supply stores and cosmetic departments. You can also find free “disposable” ones around the testers at makeup counters and at cosmetic stores such as Ulta or Sephora. You can also clean and reuse the brushes, I always keep a few handy.
4. If you’re really concerned about these cleaning issues, you can always put a condom over the handle to avoid this issue all together.

Because this toy is silicone you can boil it for sanitizing, though it may be a little difficult to throw in a pot because of its size and shape.  You can probably bend it in half to make it fit, but it might be a better idea to hold it with tongs and hold one end in the boiling water and then do the same for the other side.  You can also use a 10% bleach solution for sanitizing, or you can also throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher (with no soap!) if it has a sanitizing cycle.

My Experience

Tantus Plunge Paddle

As a paddle:

Full disclosure; I’m not really into impact play. A playful smack here and there is fun, but it isn’t something that regularly gets incorporated into my sex play. Tantus was awesome enough to send me this Plunge Paddle, and so I thought, why not – let’s give
it a go!

The first thing I did after taking the paddle out of its bag was smack myself with it, and I was shocked at how much of a sting it produced. I thought maybe I was being a pansy, so I went and found my husband and smacked him too. Turns out it wasn’t just me, this paddle packs quite a punch! Even little smacks can leave a hearty sting, and I’ve been too scared to use much more force.

Though spanking isn’t something we usually incorporate, we did have fun playing with the paddle. It’s pretty lightweight and I like the silky finish of the silicone. I find that handle with the slight curve and bulge is really easy for me to keep a grip on.

As a dildo:

In general I find Tantus toys a little firm for my taste, but I didn’t mind the firmness of the plunge paddle because it makes the G-spot head of the dildo portion effective. The size of the insertable portion is non-intimidating and I found it to be very comfortable, though size kings and queens might want a little more. I actually think that the handle portion is my favorite shape of Tantus dildo to date, so that’s a plus! The only bummer is that it’s attached to the paddle so it’s a little cumbersome for everyday use.

Using the insertable portion by myself was fine because I don’t really thrust my toys. I’m more or a set-and-forget kind of person, and I usually just squeeze around my insertable toys. The paddle portion lays flat on the bed and actually works pretty well because the weight of the paddle angles the insertable G-spot head right where it needs to go. I even squirted once when using it, I wasn’t even trying and it was totally unexpected.

There was a little awkwardness when using this toy with my husband. He likes to thrust toys and the only portion for him to easily hold onto was the flat paddle. Thrusting was a little more difficult because the paddle bends when pressure is applied to it, so when he would try to push it in, the paddle starts fold in half. It’s not too difficult after you learn what pressure to use. And on the bright side, this makes it harder for a thrust-crazy partner to use too much pressure and cause bruising.

I can see the hole being a bit of an issue for people, as some might be worried about properly cleaning it, and others may be concerned about feeling it during you.  I think I  was able to slightly feel it during use, but it wasn’t uncomfortable because the edges are very round and smooth, and slightly recessed.

I assume that the hole was added so the manufacturer tag could be attached, but I don’t know if it serves much purpose otherwise. You could put a wrist loop through it, but those who plan on using the insertable handle probably won’t want to put anything through it. You can hang it on a hook between uses, so you can utilize the handle during play, but don’t have to worry about having a semi-permanent cord looped through the hole.

Psst! Tantus, if you make a toy in the future that has the same shape as the handle of the Plunge Paddle, I’m so on board!

Well folks, I have some great news! The awesome people at Tantus have released the Sport dildo, which is the exact same shape and size as the Plunge Paddle’s handle. Check out my review here!

You can get the Plunge Paddle directly from Tantus.

You can also find the Tantus Plunge Paddle at SheVibe.

Thank you to Tantus for sending me the Plunge Paddle in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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