Review: O2 Cush by Tantus

Overall Rating: 3/5 Rating-stars3



It’s gorgeous to look at.

Body safe material.

Dual density.

Harness compatible base.


Silicone is draggy.

Strong midshaft ridge (subjective).

Some users will find this toy too large (subjective).


Tantus O2 Cush Candy

The O2 Cush is an impressive looking dildo by Tantus. The Cush is made from Tantus’s premium silicone and features dual densities. The Cush has a firm inner core which gives it its firmness and the ability to stand up and keep from drooping in a harness. But the outside of the Cush is a layer of much softer, squishier silicone.

The Cush comes in standard Tantus packaging, which is a clear box with info written on it about Tantus silicone. Upon opening the box and holding Cush for the first time, you’ll notice the Cush is not just girthy, but feels very solid and a bit weighty as well.

The Cush currently comes in 3 standard color options; pink, purple and blue; all of which remind me of cotton candy. The inner core of this toy is the part that’s colored, and the outer later is a slightly translucent whitish silicone. As you can see in the photos, the outer layer varies in thickness, and the paler parts are areas where the outer layer of super soft silicone is the thickest. The wider portions of this toy, like the head and the area below it, have a lot more of the super soft silicone on the outside which makes them a little more forgiving and easier to take. The firm core doesn’t extend into the head, so it’s much squishier than the Cush’s shaft.

Tantus O2 Cush Candy
The softer silicone on the outside is very smooth, but has a lot of drag and will collect lint and hair very easily.

Because this toy is silicone it’s recommended to use only water-based lubes with it. Sometimes silicone-based lubes and silicone toys can have a chemical reaction with each other that messes up the toy’s material. Usually this shouldn’t happen with higher end premium silicone like the kind Tantus uses, but I figure it can depend on the silicone lubricant as well, so I avoid using it just to be extra safe.

Cleaning the Cush is very easy, I like to spray mine with toy cleaner and rinse it off in the sink, but you can also use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer. And because this toy is silicone you can boil it or use a 10% bleach solution to sanitize it.
Tantus O2 Cush Candy
The Cush has a total length of 7.75″ and has an insertable length of 7″. The Cush’s head has a circumference of 5.5″, the thickest part of the shaft right below the head also measure 5.5″ around, and the thinnest part of the shaft near the base measures 5.25″. The mid-shaft ridge is located about 4.5″ down the front of the shaft from the tip of the head.

The Cush features a harness compatible base that’s about 0.75″ thick and has a diameter of 2.6″. The base is fairly rigid and should fit nice and snug in a harness.

Tantus O2 Cush Candy
You can bend the Cush a little bit, but the thickness of the shaft and firm core give the Cush the ability to stick straight out when worn in a harness. You actually have to apply a decent bit of pressure to get the Cush to bend any significant amount.

Tantus O2 Cush Candy Tantus O2 Cush Candy

This is about the max bend of the Cush.


The Cush has a tapered head which makes inserting the Cush’s girth pretty easy. The head does not have much of a coronal ridge, but instead has a dip to separate the head from the shaft. The portion of the shaft just below the head is just as tick the head, but it tapers down after the mid-shaft ridge. This ridge can be pretty intense and even uncomfortable for some users, especially those that already struggle with the Cush’s girth.

Tantus O2 Cush Candy

My Experience

I was really surprised at the Cush’s size when it arrived in the mail. I had seen numerous photos and measurements, but it looks so much bigger in person than I was expecting. And it feels very…substantial I guess. It’s very solid and you could definitely beat someone with it.

Because the silicone is very draggy I had to use a lot of lube, and I did find that the lube seemed to disappear pretty quick and I had to reapply often.

Sadly though, it seems my body just doesn’t work well with the Cush. Because of its size and shape I find that I can’t insert it very far, I can usually only insert it up to where the mid-shaft ridge is. I’ve tried to push past the ridge, but I just don’t find it comfortable. Even though the ridge is made entirely of the super soft silicone, it still feels like a sharp edge to me so I’m limited to using only the first 4.5″ of the toy.

The head is easy enough to insert because it’s so tapered and I can make it to the dip at the bottom of the head ok. But once you reach the shaft there’s really no size difference between the first few inches of the shaft and the head. It’s only after you’re past that ridge halfway down that you get any relief from the girth.

I think this is partially why I find this toy as uncomfortable as I do. Since I’m only able to insert this toy up the that ridge, the only part of the toy I’m able to use is the girthiest part. Usually if I’m going to have to do a lot of stretching around the head of the toy, I at least want some relief after I get past it. Unfortunately for me this shape feels more like a speculum rather than a sex toy.

Also, the large tapered head can feel a bit pokey against my cervix even though the head is the squishiest part of the toy. Every time I’ve used this toy I’ve felt achy for hours afterward, but from what I can tell I do have a lower cervix, so those with a higher cervix might not run into that problem.

I don’t really feel much in the way of G-spot stimulation with this toy because it is mostly straight and doesn’t angle up towards the G-spot at all. It’s true that because this toy is really thick that is does press against everything all at once, but I still don’t feel anything particularly special going on with my G-spot.

I really wish the Cush was just a touch smaller, because it’s one of the loveliest dildos I’ve laid eyes on. I’m bummed that the Cush wasn’t my dream dildo like I had hopes it would be. I don’t see myself reaching for it very often, but I hate the thought of parting with it because I love looking at it and squeezing it.

I will say that I really appreciate the quality and safety of Tantus toys and Tantus is a brand that I highly recommend. It’s unfortunate that this particular model just isn’t quite right for my body. A lot of feedback I’ve seen makes me think that the Cush can be really hit or miss for people. I’m giving it a rating of 3/5 because that’s pretty much right in the middle. It’s a great quality toy by a great brand, but it’s not going to work for everyone.

I’d recommend the O2 Cush if you a.) like girth, b.) like texture, and/or c.) like toys that are straight and don’t taper.

You can find the Tantus O2 Cush at

You can also find the Cush at, Good Vibrations , and at the Tantus web store.


  • Camryn Jones

    Yeah, the Cush feels like you could use it as a very effective projectile *laughs*
    I’m sorry it hurt you. Have you considered the Flurry

    • ArchVixen

      I was originally looking at the Flurry way back when, but I started to get into girthy dildos and I thought the Flurry might be too plain. I figured Cush was the way to go, but after my experience with it I’m considering the Flurry again.