Review: Fun Factory Delight Click ‘n’ Charge


Overall Rating 3/5 Rating-stars3

Vibration Intensity 3/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL3

Noise Level 3/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL3





Body-safe materials.

2 storage pouches come with the new packaging.


Only one motor.

“Clitoral bump” is anatomy dependant.

Only one pulse pattern available.

Buzzy vibrations.

Noise Level.

Magnetic charger can be a little annoying.

No quick “Off” option.


Fun Factory Click 'n' Charge Delight

The Fun Factory Click N’ Charge Delight is a somewhat unique vibe that definitely catches the eye. The Delight’s curvy design is intended to work as a combo G-spot and clitoral vibe. It features Fun Factory’s Click n’ Charge magnetic charging system. And the Delight is also waterproof and its looped handle makes this toy easy to use in the shower or bath. The Delight should also be safe for anal play as well because of its shape and handle.


Fun Factory Click 'n' Charge Delight



It’s a total of 6″ long with around 3″ of it being insertable. The insertable length really depends on how much of a curve you can take, because the further you insert the toy, the more the tip will be pushing into the front vaginal wall where your G-spot is. The diameter of the G-spot tip is 1″, but then it tapers down to 0.75″ before it swells up to 1.25″ at the bump, or “clitoral nub”.

The loop in the handle is about 0.75″ x  1″, which is big enough for me to slip one of my fingers through. I have average-sized hands for a female, and I am not able to get a second finger through the loop.


Fun Factory Click 'n' Charge Delight

There is  only one motor in this toy and it’s located around the clitoral bump in the middle of the curve. The vibrations do travel ok to the end of the toy, but the vibrations aren’t very strong to begin with and feel somewhat weak and buzzy.

This vibe isn’t designed to be inserted very far, but should be able to reach shallow to average depth G-spots.  The dramatic curve definitely gives you the ability to give your G-spot some pretty intense pressure, providing that the toy can reach deep enough to hit yours. The bump on the shaft and the area above it is meant to stimulate the clitoris, but it might not be able to provide the right pressure and vibration strength for everyone.  You can tilt and rock this toy to try to achieve a proper fit, but of course there will be some people who’s anatomy just won’t work well with this toy.


Cleaning and Charging

Since the Delight is waterproof, cleaning is a breeze. I just take mine to the sink and spray it with antibacterial toy cleaner and then rinse it off. You can also you soap and water or toy wipes if you have them handy.  You could also use a 10% bleach solution for a good cleaning  as well.
Fun Factory Click 'n' Charge Delight
The Delight’s charging system is magnetic, and you’ll find 2 metal ovals on the back where the charger will connect to the toy.  The magnetic charger will only fit in one direction, and you’ll be able to tell by the magnetism if you need to flip it around. Once the charger latches onto the toy, the Fun Factory logo on the charger’s head will glow red, as will the toy’s control pad. You’ll be able tell when the toy is done charging because the lit Fun Factory logo on the charger will turn off to let you know the Delight is fully charged.

The initial charge time is around 6 hours and each charge should last at least an hour on the highest setting.

Sometimes if the charger and toy get moved, the charger can become disconnected. So it’s best to make sure your toy and charger are aligned well and placed in an area where they will not get bumped.




Fun Factory Click 'n' Charge Delight
The Delight is controlled by a (+) and a (-) button on the handle. To turn the toy on, hold the (+) for a second or two and the Delight will start up at the lowest intensity of steady vibration. There are 8 level of intensity, and you can use the (+) and (-) to adjust it to your liking.

There is a pulse pattern available as well. To get to it, the toy needs to be all the way up at the highest intensity of steady vibrations. Once there, hold the (+) button for a second and the toy will start making a revving / ramping pulse.  This is the only pattern available, and you can’t change the intensity of it, but you do have the option of adjusting the speed of the revs. Press the (+) to cycle through the 3 available speeds.

If you press the (-) button, you’ll be taken back into the steady vibration mode. Press and hold the (-) button to go back down through the speeds and it will stop on the lowest one. It’s actually a little obnoxious that you have to press the button again to actually turn it off.

As I mentioned, the vibration strength isn’t anything to write home about; I would give this toy a 3 / 5 for intensity.

Unfortunately the weaker vibrations don’t equal a quieter toy. And because the motor is located mid-shaft and not in the insertable portion, it doesn’t get any quieter during use. I give the noise level a rating of 3 / 5.




Fun Factory Click 'n' Charge Delight
The box has an outer sleeve which features a full size image of the toy, along with some logos and really basic info about the item. Once you remove the sleeve you’ll be left with a champagne colored box with only the Fun Factory logo on it. The top flap of the box opens to reveal the toy, charger, instructions and lube sample packet sitting in a red interior. At least in this current wave of packaging you’ll find the toy is wrapped in not one, but two champagne colored drawstring storage pouches.  The pouch on the outside is a thin satin, and the inner one is sheer organza.


My Thoughts

I found that the shape of the G-spot portion does feel nice, but it’s the external portion of this toy that I take issues with. First of all, I don’t  find the shape to be my favorite and I’m not able to get the clitoral contact I’m looking for. The shaft is curved and hard, so it doesn’t really give you the biggest contact area for your clit. And the bump in the center of the curve? Absolutely useless to me. That bump does nothing for me as far as clitoral stimulation goes because once I insert the toy I find that it sits around the entrance of my vagina.

Add the fact that the vibrations aren’t very strong and this toy starts to get rather disappointing. I’d much prefer to get the handle out of the way, which is harder than you might realize, and then use a different clit vibe. And if you think about it, that totally defeats the purpose of this toy.

As I mentioned, the G-spot portion did feel nice, though sometimes it feels like it stimulates my bladder and not necessarily my G-spot. The Delight is kind of fun to rock and play with, but I found that it kind of gets old and there’s really not many other options when using this toy. And sometimes I’m craving stimulation a little deeper than the Delight can provide. I think it’s safe to say; if you’re a fan of long thrusts or deep penetration, this toy is not for you.

So in the end I much prefer to use to separate, better suited toys for dual stimulation. I think Fun Factory had a cool concept this fun-looking little toy, but it falls short when it comes to performance.

You can find the Delight Click’n’Charge at SheVibe

You can also find it at Early To Bed and Sensual Intelligence


  • Camryn Jones

    You got the orca -colored version! *laughs* I’ve been admiring the Delight from afar for years. Every review of it I read confirms that it’s not for me, but I continue looking at it even so. Maybe they’ll revamp it with a G4 motor?
    A girl can dream!

    • ArchVixen

      Haha, I never thought about it, but you’re right that it does look like an Orca! And that totally just gave me an idea for something…

      But yeah, It could do with a motor upgrade. Even if they didn’t use a stronger motor I think it would be better if they added a second one.