Review: We-Vibe Salsa

Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Intensity 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2



Strong vibrations for its size.

Fits in most standard sized bullet slots.


Features both steady and patterned vibrations.


Magnetic charger can be finicky.

No battery indicator.


The Salsa by We-Vibe is a discreet power packed little vibe. The strong vibrations the Salsa produces are very impressive considering its small size. The Salsa’s shape and size make it versatile; you can use it to stimulate external erogenous zones and clitoris, or you can insert it into most toys that have a hole for a standard sized bullet. This will give you an instant power upgrade and can turn a good dildo, into a great dildo. The Salsa is also waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower. Because of the small size, the Salsa doesn’t work the best for internal vaginal stimulation and I definitely warn against inserting this toy anally as it lacks a flared base; it has the risk of being able to get inserted too far and stuck.


The Salsa measures 3.25″ long, has a diameter of 0.75″ and is shaped like a typical bullet vibe, except it’s a little longer. Its tip is a rounded point and allows for pinpoint stimulation. The Salsa’s body is made from plastic and that means it will play well with any kind of lube. Plastic is body-safe and non-porous, and won’t harbor any harmful bacteria in its surface.

I did find that the smooth shaft was a little difficult for me to hold onto, especially because the vibrations to transfer throughout the toy, though they are not as strong in the shaft as they are at the tip. You can use most standard size bullet sleeves with the Salsa to resolve the grip issue. I ended up making a grip for my Salsa out of a silicone bunny sleeve I’d received as a free gift. I took a blade and cut off the bunny’s head, and the bunny feet make it really easy to hold onto.


Cleaning and Charging

The Salsa is super easy  and simple to care for and clean. Because it’s waterproof, I take my Salsa to the sink and spray it with toy cleaner and rinse it off. You can also you soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer.


The Salsa features a magnetic charging system. The Salsa has two metal bumps on the bottom that magnetically attach to the head of the charger. The charging cord is 70″ long. There’s a little orange light on the charger that will illuminate when the toy is connected and charging, and the light will shut off to let you know when it’s done.

The charger can be a little tricky sometimes because it has to be lined up just right or it won’t make the proper connection. And the charger will sometimes lose its connection if the toy or cord gets bumped and the light will turn off and you’ll think the toy is done charging. When the light goes off you can jiggle the cord a little bit and if it comes back on you’ll know it just got disconnected and still needs a little more charging.

I believe I usually get an hour of use out of the Salsa with each full charge. Unfortunately there’s no battery indicator and there’s not really any decrease in power before it dies. So I try to charge it often because it can be extremely disappointing if it dies in the middle (or worse, near the end of) a session.


The Salsa is powered by a single button on its base. To turn the toy on, press the button and it starts out at the lowest constant setting. After that, just press the button to cycle through the different settings. There is a orange light inside the base of the toy that will light up and pulse to the setting you’re on.














To turn the toy off at any time, press and hold the button for a second or two, and it will shut right off. You can also cycle through all the patterns and once you get to the end it will turn off if you press the button again.  The Salsa does feature a memory function, so if you turn the Salsa off while on one of the settings instead of cycling all the way through to the end, it’ll start up on that setting next time the toy is turned on.

The Salsa is pretty quiet, sometimes my husband can’t even hear it and has to ask if it’s actually on. It can get a little louder on the higher settings, and can sometimes make a slight rattling sound depending on what angle it’s at and how much pressure is being applied.


The Salsa comes in a white box with an image of the toy on the front. The sides feature some embossing and the back has a little info about the toy on it. The box contains the Salsa, charger, instructions and a white satin storage pouch. The pouch measures 5.25″ x 6″ and is double layered and has drawstring closure.

Personal Experience

I’m really pleased with the Salsa. I used to have an issue because I found that it was really hard to hold onto, especially if I’m applying a lot of pressure with it like I tend to do with my clit vibes. The DIY grip I made really changed that for me. The Salsa definitely delivers very pinpoint vibrations and when I’m in the mood for pinpoint vibration, the Salsa wins. The Salsa being totally rigid doesn’t really bother me, but sometimes I find the hard, round little tip is difficult to keep in contact with the right spot and tends to want to slip around. We-Vibes also makes the Tango, which is almost the same except that the tip has one flattened side like a lipstick does, so the contact area is a little larger. I’m interested in trying out the Tango and see if its shape works a little better for external stimulation.

I have noticed that the 2 lowest levels of steady vibration feel a bit more rumbly than the higher 2 levels, so I tend to use it on level 2 the most. The buildup is a little slow this way, but it’s amazing once I get there. But I think what I really love about this toy is that it a.) features patterns, and b.) can be inserted into toys with bullet slots. This toy really shines when I use it with my Vibrating Leo by Vixen Creations, it’s rumbly and absolutely fabulous.  Because of its versatility, the Salsa has become a necessity in my toy box.
I have been told the Salsa is being phased out, but We-Vibe still makes the Tango so you’re not out of luck if you can’t get your hands on a Salsa. The Tango has the same size and motor, the only difference is that the tip has one flat side, like a lipstick, instead of the rounded point tip.

You can find the Tango available at Good Vibrations


You can also find the Tango at SheVibe