Review: Pocket Fairy

Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Intensity 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2



Strong vibrations for the toy’s size.
Wrist strap.
Vibrations don’t transfer to handle.


Only two settings.
Vibrations are a little on the buzzy side, particularly on the higher setting.


Pocket Fairy


The Pocket Fairy is a power packed little vibe that fits in the palm of your hand. The Pocket Fairy can produce an impressive 11,000 RPM. Styled like a body wand, the vibrations of this toy stay in its head and don’t travel through the rest of its body. This means no numb fingers and it’s incredibly easy to hold onto. The Pocket Fairy has become one of my go-to clit vibes, it’s a great option for those of us who haven’t had much luck with other popular clit vibes from We-vibe or Je Joue.

Though it looks like a body massager, it’s not heavy duty enough to work well for relieving tense, tired muscles. The vibrations are more pin-pointed and tend to stay on the surface and don’t penetrate very deeply.
That being said, the vibrations this toy offers are great considering its small size. Advanced users will definitely appreciate what this toy can offer. Beginners will also be able to enjoy the simply design and easy-to-use controls.
This vibe is nice and compact and is easy to put in your purse or take with you when traveling.


The Pocket Fairy is made from plastic, which is latex and phthalate free. It’s body safe and considered non-porous and it won’t harbor any harmful bacteria in itself. Also, plastic plays well with any kind of lube, should you choose to use any.


Pocket Fairy

The Pocket Fairy if 5.75” inches long and the head measures 1” tall and 3.5” around. The wrist strap that is included measures 6”


Pocket Fairy

The plastic body and head are rigid, but the neck does bend a little bit.


Pocket Fairy

Here is the Pocket Fairy compared the larger Mood Fantastic and Rechargeable Fairy Wand:


Mood Fantastic Wand Doc Johnson



Pocket Fairy


The Pocket Fairy is controlled by a single switch on the side of its body. The switch has 3 positions; off, low, and high. I’m not sure exactly how many RPM the low setting has, but the high setting has a whopping 11,000 RPM. To put this in perspective, the We-Vibe Salsa and Tango only go up to 4800 RPM on their highest setting.
The low setting offers strong vibrations that I would think should be comfortable for most users. I would rate the low setting 4 vrooms and 2 bees. The high setting is very intense, but has buzzier vibrations. I’d like to give it 5 vrooms, but because of its buzziness I don’t feel like it quite earned it.


Cleaning and Charging

The best way to clean the Pocket fairy is to spray it with toy cleaner and wipe it off with a damp cloth, or use toy cleaning wipes. Since the Pocket Fairy isn’t waterproof, I suggest avoiding rinsing it.

The Pocket Fairy charges via a USB cord. The USB wall adapter that is included with the wand has folding prongs, which makes it easier to use at a crowded outlet. The folding design is also convenient for travel.


Pocket Fairy


The charging port is located near the tip of the Pocket Fairy’s body and is covered with a little white plug with is not attached to the toy. This little plug is small and could be lost pretty easily, so make sure it’s in a safe place while the toy is charging. When the Pocket Fairy is plugged in and charging, there a blue light that will glow at the base of the toy, the light will turn off when the battery is full.


Pocket Fairy


When the toy is charged and you’re ready to remove the charger, don’t try to pull the connector out of the toy because it’s locked in there. Press and hold the button on the side of the USB head, this will release the locking mechanism. Keep holding the button and pull the connector out of the port.

This toy can be used while it’s plugged in, but the cord is not very long.
I can usually use this toy for at least an hour before I have to charge it, and it takes an hour to an hour and a half to fully recharge it.


Pocket Fairy


The Packaging for the pocket fairy is very simple. The box has mostly Japanese writing on it, and there is a window on the front of the packaging which shows the toy. Also included in my shipment was another separate box that contained the wall charger.

The pink box contains the Pocket Fairy and the wrist strap. I have actually purchased this item twice, and the second time I received this item, there was an extra little USB cord included that could be connected to a computer. I didn’t get the extra cord with my first Pocket Fairy, so I’m not sure if it is a new, permanent feature or not.


Personal Experience

The Pocket Fairy has become my go-to toy for clitoral stimulation. I’ve have tried other acclaimed clit vibes, such as the Mimi and Salsa, but I was surprised to find that the Pocket Fairy was much more enjoyable than most of the other I’ve tried.

This toy’s not bulky at all; it’s small and light-weight. One of the best things about the Pocket Fairy is that it’s rechargeable. I’m so impressed by how much power it has considering its small size.

The Pocket Fairy is easy to hold unlike the Salsa and sometime Mimi. Also, the vibrations do not transfer through the toy and stay in the head, so no numb fingers with this toy. The vibrations of this toy don’t seem to weaken when pressure is applied to it either. The vibrations the Pocket Fairy offers are higher pitched and I prefer them. I find that they don’t numb my clitoris like the other clit vibes I’ve had.

I’ve loved it so much that I’ve bought two of them, and I always take one with me when I’m traveling. I definitely recommend the Pocket Fairy, especially if you haven’t had much luck with other popular clit vibes.

Fairy wands are kind of hard to come by these days, but SheVibe is now carrying the Bodywand Mini USB wand which appears to be an almost identical design.

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