Review: LELO Elise 2

Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Intensity 5/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2



Strong vibrations.
Dual Motors.
Storage pouch.


Uncovered charging port.
Might be a bit large for some users.


Mona Elise 2


Elise 2 is a powerhouse. Its dual motors provide deep, rumbly vibrations, 8 different modes, and a huge range of intensity. The Elise 2 feels great vaginally and can provide a bit of G-spot stimulation, but it can also be used externally to provide clitoral stimulation.

The range in vibration strength, smooth silicone, and non-aggressive shape could work for newer users who don’t mind this toy’s girth, but in general Elise may be better suited for advanced users because of the size of the shaft.

LELO says this toy is fully waterproof, so you can take it in the shower of bath if you please.. This luxury vibe is top quality and is a real pleasure to own.


The Elise 2 has a totally rigid form that is fully covered in silicone except for the silver band that separates the shaft from the handle. Silicone is body safe and non-porous and will not harbor any harmful bacteria. The silicone that LELO uses is very smooth and buttery, with just a hint of drag. It will glide over the skin when it’s dry, but the drag does increase slightly when the silicone gets wet.

When using a lubricant with this toy, make sure it’s water-based and not silicone-based. Silicone lubes can potentially have a chemical reaction with silicone toys with can result in the silicone material being ruined.

The silver band that separates the shaft and handle creates a seam on each of its two edges. The seams are matched up very tightly and I have not had any issues with bodily fluids or lubes getting caught in them.


Mona Elise 2


Elise 2 is a more traditional shaped vibe with a little bit of curve to the shaft and a slight flare at the head of the toy.
Elise is a total of 9” long, with 5.25” of it being insertable. The widest portion of the shaft swells to 4.5” around, then tapers back down to 4” near the base of the shaft.

Mona Elise 2


Elise is much larger than any of the other LELO toys I own. I was originally expecting it to be close to the same size as the Picobong Zizo, but it’s much larger.

Here are the Mona 2, Elise 2, Zizo and Moka:

Mona Elise 2

Mona Elise 2



Mona Elise 2


Elise is controlled by four buttons on a control pad on the handle portion of the toy. There are a (+) and a (-) button that control the intensity of the vibrations, and then there are up and down arrow buttons that change the vibration patterns.

The ring around the control pad will light blink in response when you push buttons, but it does not stay constantly lit while Elise is in use.

To turn the toy on, press the (+) button and Elise will start up at the lowest intensity of steady vibration in both motors. You can use the (+) and (-) buttons to toggle the intensity of the vibrations, I’ve counted 9 individual levels. You can then press the down arrow to cycle through the patterns.
The different modes are;

1. Steady vibration in both motors
2. Steady vibration in tip motor only
3. Steady vibration in base motor only
4. Alternating pulses back and forth between both motors.
5. Faster alternating pulses between motors.
6. Synchronized ramping pulses in both motors.
7. Synchronized roller coaster vibes in both motors. (waves up.. and down..and up..and down..)
8. Random vibrations in both motors. Each motor will be doing its own thing. (I adore this setting!)

Once you get to the last setting, nothing will happen if you keep pushing the same button. You can use the opposite arrow to take you back down through the patterns.
Remember that you can use the (+) and (-) to change the intensity for all of the modes except setting 8, which is the random mode.

To turn the toy off, press and hold the (-) button, the power will quickly lower and then turn off. Turning the toy off from the highest intensity takes about 3 seconds.

Cleaning and Charging

Elise 2 is waterproof, which makes cleaning a breeze. I like to spray my toys with toy cleaner and then rinse them off in the sink. You can also use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer, and you can use a 10% bleach solution to sanitize this toy because it’s silicone.

The charging port for Elise is located right on the bottom of the handle and it’s totally open and uncovered. I was very concerned at first that fluids or debris could get in there and cause a problem. LELO claims this toy is totally waterproof and other reviewers have submerged Elise without any problems, but I’m still cautious and am careful not to let water get near that area while I’m cleaning Elise.

Mona Elise 2

The lighted ring around the charging port will flash while the Elise is charging and then the light will turn solid when the battery is full.



Mona Elise 2


Like other LELO toys, Elise 2 comes in some pretty impressive packaging. There is an outer cover which will feature the same color as the toy you purchased, so the outer box for my Elise was the same purple color. The cover features basic info about the toy and an image of it. Once you remove the outer cover you will have a nice matte black box which will be plain except for “LELO” printed right in the center of the lid. The box measures 12.75” long x 4.25” wide x 2.25” tall.

The lid lifts off to reveal the toy sitting in a velvety black foam cutout. There is a pocket at one of the ends of the box that has a flap covering it. This pocket contains the instructions, charger, LELO product registration card, a sample of LELO’s personal moisturizer and a storage pouch. The storage pouch is made from black satin and is not padded. It closes via a drawstring and measures 10.5” x 4.25”.


I absolutely love toys that feature dual motors in their shaft, and Elise 2 is one of the best I have found to date. I fell in love with my Mona 2 and wanted to get another LELO vibe and see if it would be just as awesome. I had been debating whether to get the Elise 2 or the LELO Iris. They both have 2 motors, and the Iris looks so pretty, but I decided to go with Elise because some of its features seemed better. The Elise 2 is waterproof and stronger, and it offers more modes of vibration; including the random mode, which is something I really like having.

I am not disappointed in my decision at all – Elise is fabulous!

I was a little shocked when I opened the box for the first time and saw how large Elise was. Luckily I’m ok with the size, but the size combined with the rigidity might be a little much for some people. I don’t really thrust or move this toy while I’m using it, the vibrations are plenty strong so I’m able to basically “set and forget” it, and the vibration provides more than enough sensation for me.

The curve of the shaft isn’t very extreme, but I find that the slight swell near the head of the toy is still able to provide me with a good bit of G-spot stimulation. I think I still like the shape of my Mona 2 better, but Elise is a close second and does not disappoint. I highly recommend checking it out!


You can find the LELO Elise 2 at SheVibe.

You can also find it at PinkCherry.


  • Camryn Jones

    The plum! <3 I know that there are plenty of sex toys in purple, but I still appreciate seeing a nice dark shade of it. I haven't heard much about the Elise 2. It must be their version of the traditional vibrator since it's longer and less bulbous than the Mona 2. 2 motors sounds really nice!

  • Gaby

    I’m interested in the elise 2 and the mona 2.
    You said in this review that the elise 2 may be to large. However, in your mona’s review, I noticed that the mona 2 is as large as the elise 2, but you didn’t notice the pb for this one. I’m looking for a vibro not to large, so do you think the mona 2 will be ok for my needs?

    thanks for the review.

  • AceDenise

    I have the Elise 2 in plum and it’s my favorite vibe- the black is also lovely! I can hit my g-spot with it and it’s so powerful I don’t usually need to go more than half power on it- it’s gorgeous and awesome for me! I have had more success with the more “traditional” shape like Elise on insertion than the flat head like on the Ella, and although I do like the Mona 2 the Elise is better for my body. The Mona’s bulb hurts a bit for me to insert or remove, I think because my vag is really tight and I tend to tighten on the bulb after it’s in, and the stem is so much narrower so pulling it out is a bit uncomfortable. But even with the Mona, I have to hold it in place because my vagina will push it out if I don’t- strangely, that isn’t uncomfortable at all. I think the Elise 2 works better for me because the width doesn’t vary much, so I don’t have to make as conscious an effort to relax when I insert or remove it, it just slides in and fills up everything. It’s also much better for thrusting than the Mona.

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