Review: Fairy Wand Rechargeable

Overall Rating 3/5 Rating-stars3

Vibration Intensity 5/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL5

Noise Level 4/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL4




Storage pouch.

Can be used while plugged in.



Very Loud.

High-pitched whine.

Not as strong as other wands.


Fairy Wand Rechargeable

The Rechargeable Fairy Wand is a smaller body wand that  fits comfortably in your hand. Its rechargeable and lightweight design are ideal for those of us who don’t like dealing with cords. It’s simple to use and can be used for massage or to stimulate external erogenous zone. It delivers decent power, but be aware that this wand produces more buzzy vibrations than other wands and they will stay more on the surface instead of penetrating deeply.


The Fairy Wand is made of pink and white plastic which is latex and phthalate free. Plastic is non-porous and body safe, and the material will not harbor any harmful bacteria. Plastic will play well with any kind of lubricant, so you don’t have to worry about avoiding silicone lubes.


Fairy Wand Rechargeable

The Fairy Wand is 8” long and the body is between 4” and 4.5” inches around. The head of the wand is 1.75” tall and measures 5.5” around. The body of the wand fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and it easy to hold onto.


Fairy Wand Rechargeable

Both the head and body of the wand are rigid and do not have any give, but the neck is slightly flexible.


Fairy Wand Rechargeable



Fairy Wand Rechargeable


The Fairy is controlled by a single dial in the center of its body. This wand only features steady vibrations. To turn the wand on, spin the dial until you hear and feel a little pop, the wand should now be vibrating at the lowest setting. You can use the dial to select the precise level of vibration you desire.

I’ve noticed that the lower level vibrations also cause the body of the wand to vibrate a little, but as the speed is increase, the vibrations affecting the body decrease.
The vibrations range from about 2 vrooms on the lowest setting, to a buzzy 5 vrooms at its max.

This wand is rather loud, I would give it 4 bees. There is a loud high-pitched whine that is very noticeable on the lower intensities. It doesn’t go away as the intensity is increased, but it’s masked by the lower-pitched buzz that gets louder. The noise level is not at all ideal if you have roommates.

Cleaning and Charging

You have to be careful when cleaning the Fairy Wand because it is not waterproof. You can spray it with toy cleaner and wipe it off, or use Eden toy wipes. You can also carefully rinse the head with soap and water, but make sure to avoid any cracks or seams.

The Fairy Wand charges via a USB cord. The USB wall adapter that is included with the wand has folding prongs, which makes it easier to use at a crowded outlet. The folding design is also convenient for travel.


Fairy Wand Rechargeable


The charging port is located on the back side of the body of the wand, under a white flap. When the Fairy Wand is plugged in and charging, there is a little green LED under the control dial that will light up. The light will turn off when the battery is full. When the wand is charged and you’re ready to remove the charger, don’t try to pull the connector out of the toy because it’s locked in there.
Press and hold the button on the side of the USB head, this will release the locking mechanism. Keep holding the button and pull the connector out of the wand.

This wand can be used while it’s plugged in, but the cord is not very long so you’ll either need to be close to an outlet or have an extension cord handy.


Fairy Wand Rechargeable

The Fairy Wand comes in a simple pink box that has mostly Japanese writing on it and there is a window on the front which reveals the wand inside. The wand rest in the clear plastic tray and also inside the box is a pink storage pouch and charger. The pouch measures 11” x 3.5” and closes via a drawstring. The material is on the inexpensive side and it’s not very fancy, but the drawstring is good and the pouch stays tightly closed, unlike many other storage pouches that come with other toys.

My Experience

I love my Pocket Fairy wand, and after getting the larger Mood Fantastic Wand by Doc Johnson, I decided to get the Rechargeable Fairy Wand. I think it’s a very cute design and I wanted see if it was as good as, or even better than the Mood Fantastic Wand.

Here are the Mood Fantastic, the Rechargeable Fairy, and the Pocket Fairy together:

Mood Fantastic Wand Doc Johnson


I absolutely love my Pocket Fairy, I like the higher pitched vibrations and the amount of power for its size is great. I was really hoping the Rechargeable Fairy Wand was going to be a bigger, better version. Unfortunately lightning didn’t strike twice, and I was not as impressed with this wand.

The noise level and higher pitched whine of this toy really keep me from liking it; it’s just too distracting. The vibrations stay on the surface and are broader, so this causes them to feel weaker. The Fairy Wand isn’t a terrible toy, but there are better wands out there.

Follow-up after 3 months

Unfortunately the wand started acting up not long after this review. It started making a much louder whirring sound and the vibrations got significantly weaker than they where at first. It wasn’t my favorite wand, so I wasn’t really heartbroken when it stopped working right.


If you’re looking for a nice, light and powerful rechargeable wand, I would recommend looking into the Mood Fantastic Wand by Doc Johnson. You can find the Mood Fantastic wand at PinkCherry in both purple and black.

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