Review: Mood Fantastic Wand by Doc Johnson

Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Intensity 5/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL5

Noise Level 3/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL3





Quiet for a wand.

Fast charging.

Can be used while plugged in.


Not waterproof.


The Mood Fantastic Wand is a powerful rechargeable body wand by Doc Johnson that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.  It charges very quickly and gives a decent amount of play time for each full charge. It’s also surprisingly quiet for the strength of vibrations it delivers.
The wand can be used to relieve tired, aching muscles, or it can be used to stimulate external erogenous zones. It’s powerful and feels amazing when used as a clitoral vibe. It’s a great cordless alternative to the classic Hitachi Wand.



The body of the Mood Fantastic is made from velvety ABS plastic and is very silky and smooth. The head is made from a firmer TPR, which does not really have any give to it.
These materials are latex and phthalate free. You can use any kind of lube with this toy, and you won’t have to worry about these materials reacting to silicone lubes.


The Mood Fantastic is 10.5” long and the body is 5.75” around. The head is 1.75” tall and 5 5/8” around. This toy is surprisingly lightweight for its size, and is very easy on the wrists.

The head and body of the wand are firm, but the neck is able to bend a bit.


The Mood Fantastic is controlled by a dial in the middle of the wand. Turn the dial slightly to turn the toy on, you’ll hear and feel a pop, and the wand will start vibrating at the lowest setting. The dial control gives you the ability to get the precise level of vibration you like. There is also a small silver button that’s to the side of the dial, this button can be pressed and held and will turn the steady vibration into pulses.
There isn’t a huge range of vibration, so the lowest setting of the toy is a medium strength which is still fairly strong. The vibrations are more of a rattle on the lowest setting, but get smoother as the power is increased. This wand is definitely in the 4 and 5 vroom range.

The noise level does not increase very much at all from the lowest to highest setting, though the pitch changes a little. The wand varies between 2 and 3 bees depending on the setting.

Cleaning and charging

Be careful when cleaning this toy because it is not fully waterproof. You can spray the wand with toy cleaner and then wipe it off, and Eden toy wipes work very well also. As long as you’re careful you can rinse the head of the toy with soap and water if you need, but remember that this toy is not fully waterproof.

The charging port is on the side of the body of the wand and is covered by a white flap. There are 2 LEDs next to the port, one is blue which indicates the wand is charging, and the other is red and will light up whenever the toy is on.

You can use the wand while it’s plugged in, which is nice.
I get about an hour and fifteen minutes out of a full charge and I’m able to charge the entire battery in just a half an hour, it’s incredibly fast.



Mood Fantastic Wand Doc Johnson


The packaging for the Mood Fantastic is very basic. The toy is completely visible through the window on the front of the box. The only thing that comes with the wand is the charger, there are no instructions or other extras. The back of the box has different features and black dots in the circle next to each feature indicate which ones apply to the Mood Fantastic wand.



I’ve been very impressed by the Mood Fantastic Wand. I was originally attracted to this toy because it’s rechargeable, I don’t like to have to deal with the cords. The vibrations are deep and rumbly, yet so quiet for a wand. The vibrations are strong and it did take me a little while to get used to the power.

I also have the Rechargeable Fairy Wand and the Pocket Fairy. The vibrations the Mood fantastic delivers are rumblier and stronger than either of the Fairies I have. Here’s the Mood Fantastic next the Fairy Rechargeable Wand and the Pocket Fairy:

Mood Fantastic Wand Doc Johnson

The Pocket Fairy is much smaller and it definitely not in the same league as the bigger body wands, but it is a decent clit vibe. Between the Mood Fantastic Wand and the larger Rechargeable Fairy Wand, the Mood Fantastic wins hands-down. It’s stronger, much quieter and way more rumbly.
I’ve been reaching for the Mood Fantastic constantly since I’ve gotten it. Seriously, I’m in love, I use it all the time. It kind of goes without saying, but I highly recommend it!


You can find the Mood Fantastic wand at PinkCherry in both purple and black.

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