Review: Picobong Moka

Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Intensity 3/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL3

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2



12 Vibration modes.
6 Intensities.
G-spotting head.


Could use more power.
Buttons can be frustrating.
Can hook on the pubic bone which might be a turn-off for some users.




The Moke is a G-spot vibe in the Picobong line, which is made by LELO. What sets the Moka apart from other G-spot vibrators is its unique a flat head and dramatic curve that are designed to target the G-spot and provide firm stimulation. The Moka comes packed with 12 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation and a range of 6 intensities. The Moka is also great for teasing eternal erogenous zones and the smooth silicone will glide across the skin with ease. Moka is smooth and the vibrations are moderate enough for beginners, but this toy might be more suited for advanced users because of its curves and G-spot head. The Zizo, which is the traditional style vibe by Picobong would probably be much less intimidating to newer users. The Moka is also waterproof and can be submerged up to a meter, so it’s fine to take the Moka with you into the shower or tub.



The shaft of the Moka is made from a very smooth silicone, and the battery cap is made out of ABS plastic. The silicone feels like it’s just a thin layer cover a plastic form, so this toy is totally rigid. This could be an issue for those who have a problem with curved toys getting hooked on the pubic bone. Because this toy has no give whatsoever, this will be more prone to this happening. The silicone feel very smooth and doesn’t have a lot of drag when it’s dry, it will almost feel like it’s velvet cote plastic. You won’t really have an issue with this toy picking up lint or hair, which is nice, but when the toy gets wet I find there’s more drag and resistance. I almost always have to use a lubricant with this toy, and most of the times I will have to reapply at least once during a session. The material seems to repel lubricants and dry very quickly. When using a lubricant with this toy, make sure to use a water-based lube and not one that’s silicone-based. Silicone lubes can potentially have a chemical reaction with silicone toys, and it can cause the material of the toy to be ruined.



The Moka is 7.75” long with 5” of which is meant to be insertable. The entire silicone shaft measure 6.5” and has a circumference on 4.5” at its widest part. As you can see there is a nice, pronounced G-spot curve. The tip of the toy sticks out about 1.25” past the rest of the shaft.


The head of the Moka is really what makes this toy special. It has a flat, oval shaped head which is specially designed for stimulating the G-spot. The head is 4.75” around and the flat surface is 1.75“ long with a width of 1.25”.


The shaft of this toy is not 100% round near the base as you can see in the picture. The little cutout on the bottom of the battery cap is where you can attach the little Picobong logo charm that comes with these toys. I don’t care much for the little charm and don’t feel that its adds much to the toy and just gets in the way.


The Moka is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are housed in the handle to the toy. This toy is waterproof and can be submerged up to 1 meter according to the packaging. The toy doesn’t have your typical separate O-ring to keep water out, but the design is very effective at keeping water out.




The Moka is controlled by 3 buttons along the side of the shaft. There is a (+) button, a (-) button, and a button that has an (M) on it that I assume stands for mode.

The buttons are molded into the silicone and raised so they can be felt. The buttons being on the side do take away from the insertable length, but because this is a G-spot toy I don’t need to insert it very far, and I don’t run into the problem of me wanting to insert the portion with the controls.

The buttons make a very distinct click when you press them, but something that a lot of users are running into with this toy is that even though you hear a click, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the button was pressed hard or long enough to register with the motor. It happens quite often to me where I’ll press the button, but nothing happens and I’ll have to press again. Having a difficult time with the controls can be frustrating and a bit of a mood killer.

To turn the toy on, hold the (+) button for a second and it will start out at a very low setting, you can barely tell the toy is on. You can use the (+) button to increase the intensity by either pressing the button to move up through the speeds one by one, or you can hold down the button which will quickly increase the speed. There are 6 different intensities, ranging from really weak to moderate.

You can press the mode button to start cycling through the patterns of pulsation and escalation. Picobong has this nice chart of the patterns for those of us who are visual. I wish more companies did this.



And remember, you can change intensities while you are in the patterns as well as in steady vibration mode. You can experience the first 11 settings in each of the 6 vibration intensities, the only one that you cannot change is the 12th setting, which is the Random mode.
If you keep pressing the (M) button after you reach the last setting, you will be taken back to the first (which is steady vibration) and you can cycle through the patterns again.

To turn the toy off, press and hold the – button and the power will turn all the way down, and then off.

The Moka, like the other vibes in the Picobong line, don’t have as much power as the other rechargeable toys by LELO. I’d give the Moka a solid 3 vrooms.

The Moka is pretty quiet, it probably gets up to 2 bees on the higher settings.


The Moka is waterproof, which makes it easier to clean. I like to spray my toy with toy cleaner and then rinse it off in the sink. I’ve noticed that the Moka’s silicone likes to hold onto any fluids that dried on its surface more than other toys, even if I rinse it immediately after use. So with this toy I either have to let the toy cleaner sit on the toy a little longer, or take more time rinsing it.
You can also use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer, and you can use a 10% bleach solution to sanitize this toy because it’s silicone.

I recommend taking the batteries out of the toy while it’s not in use to prevent the batteries from draining, and to minimize the risk of the battery leaking and corroding inside the toy while it’s being stored.
Picobong claims that you can get about 2 hours of play on 2 AAA batteries, and so far this seems to be pretty accurate.


The packaging the Moka comes in is very basic. Like the other toys in the Picobong line, this toy’s packaging will match whichever color toy you chose, so the packaging for my toy was the same bright pink color. The front of the box has a window that clearly shows the toy on the inside of the box. There is a little cardboard tray that holds the Moka in place.The back of the box has some basic info about the toy in multiple languages. Basic instructions are included.

My Experience



I love G-spot toys and I had heard so many amazing things about both of LELO’s Ella dildo and Gigi vibe. I felt that Gigi would be a little too small and I loved the shape of Ella, but it doesn’t have a motor and I prefer firmer G-spot toys. I hope that the Moka would be the perfect marriage of the two, and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Even though I have many G-spot vibes, the Moka is the only toy I’ve found so far that can give me the same targeted stimulation and firm pressure that I get while using the Njoy Pure Wand. So it gets an A+ right there just for that.

I know that some users have mentioned with the Moka that the head can catch on the pubic bone while thrusting and that it can be uncomfortable. It really comes down to personal preference here, because I kind of like the sensation and pressure when a toy hooks on my pubic bone because my G-spot is right there too. So when I see someone mention (usually as a negative) that a toy has the potential to catch, I consider it a plus. It also depends of how you use the toy as well, if you’re concerned about the toy catching and feel that it would be unpleasant for you, keep in mind that you can employ different techniques besides thrusting. You can rock the handle of the toy up and down, or just make small circles over your G-spot with the head of the toy.

If you think the G-spot head just isn’t for you, but you’re interested in something similar, there also is the Zizo by Picobong, which doesn’t have as intense of a shape.

Here’s the Zizo and the Moka together:



I love that the Moka has so many options as far as patterns and vibration intensity (and I always appreciate a good random setting!) The vibrations aren’t super strong, but they’re enough for me most of the time, considering I’m also getting stimulation from the shape of the Moka’s head as well.

I would love it if LELO came out with a rechargeable vibe that’s the same size and shape as the Moka. I know Gigi is a great vibe, but I know a lot of us would love a bigger version. For the time being I’m happy with my Moka, and yes it has some issues with the buttons, but overall I still really enjoy using it. If you’re a G-spot lover like me, I highly recommend giving the Moka a try.

Follow-up after 4 months

I have to say that I still the Moka is a great toy. I recently purchased the newly released Gigi 2 and I expected it to take the Moka’s place in my heart. Surprisingly I found that despite being battery operated, the Moka isn’t very much weaker than the rechargeable Gigi 2. I could feel a little difference between the two while holding them in my hands, but in use they felt pretty close to the same.

I also find that the Moka’s size and shape is much more satisfying for me. I like that the Moka has a longer shaft and a nice large head and dramatic curve. This works well for me because my G-spot isn’t very shallow and I like to be able to get a lot of pressure on it. Plus, the Moka has a lot more settings than the Gigi 2 and it’s half the price.

The Moka is definitely a keeper in my book!


You can find the Picobong Moka at SheVibe.

You can also find it at PinkCherry and Early to Bed.


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