Review: LoveHoney Happy Rabbit Natural

Overall Rating 2/5 Rating-stars2

Vibration Intensity 3/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL3

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2





Three motors.

Great packaging/storage box.

Storage pouch included.


Vibrations aren’t very strong.

Dual motors could have been utilized better to give more alternating patterns.

Storage pouch is not colorfast.




The Happy Rabbit Natural from Lovehoney is a vibrant pink silicone rabbit vibrator. It has 3 motors, 2 in shaft and one in the clitoral arm. This toy features 5 functions of vibration in the shaft and 3 level of vibration in the clitoral stimulator.  You can control the shaft and clitoral portions independently to mix and match vibration settings for your desired experience.The shaft features a lovely natural curve and is designed to fit a woman’s body perfectly. This toy would be safe to use anally and there is no chance of it getting lost because of the clitoral arm.

This toy could appeal to both beginners and advanced user alike. It has a non-intimidating shape and smooth shaft, and everyone can appreciate the luxury this rechargeable vibe offers. But if you’re a power queen, you may find the vibrations of this toy lacking.



The shaft of the Happy Rabbit Natural is made from a vibrant pink silicone, and the base is made of white ABS plastic. Silicone and plastic are non-porous and body-safe, and won’t harbor any harmful bacteria within their surfaces.
The silicone has a bit of a drag to it, so you’ll probably need to use a lubricant with this toy. When using a lubricant, make sure to use a water-based lube. Silicone lubes can have a chemical interaction with silicone toys which can damage the material and ruin the toy.



The Happy rabbit is a total of 9.75 inches long, with 5.25 inches of it being insertable. The head of the toy is 4.75” around, then the center of the shaft tapers down to 4.5” before swelling back out to 5” at the base of the shaft. The clitoral arm is 2.5” long, and its tip sit 1.5” away from the shaft. The clitoral arm is somewhat rigid, but the ears of the rabbit are very flexible.
There are 2 motors in the shaft, one in the tip of the toy and will provide G-spot stimulation, and the other is at the base of the shaft and should stimulate the labia when the toy is fully inserted. The shaft is more rigid in the sections where the motors are, but the portion in between the motors is flexible.
The Happy Rabbit has a flat base, so the toy can stand upright on flat surfaces. On the bottom of the toy is a little heart logo.





The Happy Rabbit features 5 functions of vibration in the shaft and 3 intensities of vibration in the clitoral arm. The toy is controlled by 2 buttons on the base of the toy which together form the shape of an exclamation mark.
The larger line-shaped button on top controls the shaft and the small circle button controls the clitoral arm. The Happy Rabbit’s controls remind me a lot of the type used by Jopen’s Vanity line. Both the shaft and the arm can be controlled independently, so you can have both the shaft or clit arm on, or just one of them if you prefer. And you can mix and match the vibration intensities to get the right combo for you.

To turn the shaft vibration on, press the large button and the shaft will start right up. This toy does have a memory function, so it will turn on to the last setting used.

The shaft has 5 vibrating functions;
1. Steady low.
2. Steady Medium.
3. Steady High.
4. Quick ramping pulses.
5. Alternating pulses between both motors.

To turn the vibrations off, press and hold the same button for 2 seconds and it will shut off.
The clit arm turns on and off the same way. There are no pulse patterns for the clit arm, only 3 levels of steady vibration; low, medium and high.

Both the shaft and clitoral vibrations aren’t super strong, so if consider yourself a power queen, or have a clit of steel, you might want to look elsewhere. The higher settings are probably between 3 and 4 vrooms.
The Happy Rabbit is not very loud at all either, probably close to 2 bees on the loudest setting.

Cleaning and Charging

The Happy rabbit is very easy to clean because it’s smooth and splash proof.
I like to spray it with toy cleaner, then take it to the sink and rinse it off. Soap and water or toy wipes also work well, and you can also use a 10% bleach solution to sanitize silicone toys.

The Happy Rabbit charges via a port on the backside of the base. There is a white plug that keeps liquids and dust from getting into the toy.



There is a little LED above the charging post that will let you know the charging progress of the toy. If the toy has a very low battery the light will be red, and as it charges it will progress to orange, and when the light turns green, the toy will be fully charged and ready to use. Charging can take up to 6 hours if the battery has been funny drained.




The Packaging for the Happy Rabbit is fabulous. The outside is a slip cover that has some product info printed on it, along with a full sized image of the toy.

Once you remove the slip cover, you will have a lovely satin finish box with “get happy” and the heart logo in shiny black. The box is made out of a very dense cardboard and the box is sturdy and does not bend. The dimensions of the box are; length 10.75”, width 5”, height 3.5”.


Once you lift off the lid you will find the toy and charger lying in a black plastic tray. The toy also comes with an instruction booklet and a black satin storage pouch. The storage pouch is just a basic, unlined satin pouch that measures 11.75” x 5” and closes via a drawstring.

I love nice packaging and this storage box is no exception. I feel that Lovehoney went the extra mile here.

My Experience

Rabbits aren’t typically my favorite kind of toy, but I actually found myself pretty excited when I saw that this toy was coming out. The shape, color, rechargeable, packaging, pretty much everything was really appealing to me, but what I was most excited about was the dual motors. I absolutely adore toys that have two motors in the shaft and that have patterns that alternate between them. I had to have this rabbit. Hands down. End of story.

I do really like the shape of the shaft; it has a nice curve and is flexible, yet firm. I don’t care for the clitoral stimulator that much. It’s ok, but I’m not a huge fan of rabbit-shaped stimulators. I’m one of those people who prefer firm and more pin point vibrations, and I’m not usually able to get that from those bunny ears. I’ve mostly been finding that I like to use this toy for its shaft and move the clit arm out of the way so I can pair the toy with my favorite clit vibe.

Ok, so on to the functions of the toy. I have a little bit of a complaint because I was hoping there would be a lot more alternating patterns between the two motors, but instead there’s only one. I feel like there was a lot more potential for this toy, why have two motors unless you’re going to put them to work? I still do enjoy the one alternating pulse patterns; I just wish there were more options.

Something I’ve noticed about the power/function of this toy. If you have only the shaft on, or only the clit arm on, then the vibrations are smooth and steady, but if you turn on the other portion, the steady vibrations instantly become rougher and feel more like a rolling pulse. They definitely aren’t as smooth anymore and it does feel like there is a slight power loss to the function as soon as the other motor(s) are turned on. I went to a brick and mortar store to test if and see if it was just mine, but the demo model also behaved this way.

Because I only use the shaft of this toy I don’t really run into the issue with rougher vibrations that come with having both parts on. But I can understand how this might problem for other users.
Unfortunately I’m not as blown away by this rabbit as I thought I would be, but I still like it. The shape and size are nice and I really like that this toy came with the extras.

Follow-up after 1 month

There are some things about this toy that have made me rather unhappy.
First of all; I don’t know why, but it seems the connections somewhere in the toy seem to be going out. The toy only works some of the time, and I usually need to bump it to get it to turn on. And now the motor in the tip of the shaft won’t work at all, only the motor at the base of the shaft and the clitoral motor function. With only the one motor in the shaft working, it understandably feels even weaker.

Unfortunately from what I can tell, Lovehoney does not provide any sort of warranty for this toy like some other luxury brands do, which really is a shame.

But what has really upset me the most is that I have just found out that the black dye used for satin storage bag is not color-fast. It can leave black marks on your toys that you store in, or next to it. It has stained both my silicone G4 Tiger and plastic Mood Fantastic Wand. I’ve tried multiple solutions to try and clean the black marks off my toys, but they didn’t make an immediate difference. Though I have noticed that the marks on my toys have faded away over time.

If you get this toy, I would recommend washing the pouch to get the excess dye out, and be careful what you store in, and next to it.

You can find the Happy Rabbit Natural at SheVibe


  • InquisitiveClam

    I have the other two Happy Rabbit vibrators – the realistic one and the G-spot one – and while I haven’t used the G-spot one much yet, I really like my realistic one. It was the first rabbit vibe I ever had, and I did tons of research before I got it. (Seriously. Exhaustive research. I mean, there are probably thousands of rabbits out there. Some have pearls, some rotate, these have three motors while others have only two, and sometimes there’s a dolphin nose instead of bunny ears. It’s hard to know what you want if you’ve never had a rabbit before.) The three motors are really nice, and I think the change you mentioned when both the shaft and rabbit ears are on at the same time is just something that happens with these toys. Both of mine unfortunately do the same thing. I do like the power of the Hitachi Magic Wand for quick orgasms, but this rabbit vibe works for me, too. My anatomy must be just right because the rabbit ears hit my clitoris in just the right spot. I feel like I really lucked out with the realistic version of this vibrator because I’ve read several reviews citing anatomy as the main reason why the reviewer didn’t like this line of rabbit vibrators.