Review: Fun Factory G4 Tiger

Overall Rating 4/5

Vibration intensity 5/5

Noise Level 2/5


Strong motor.
Texture (if you’re a fan).
Nice handle.


Vibration modes could use more variety and some distinct pulse patterns.
Clit “stimulator” doesn’t work for everyone.
Texture might be a bit much for some.


The G4 Tiger is an impressive luxury vibe that’s part of Fun Factory’s G4 line. It’s silicone and is simple to care for and clean. The Click n’ Charge recharging system is a snap to use. It’s waterproof making it a great companion that you can take with you into the bath or shower.
The motor is very strong and feels great internally, as well as externally. And provides 6 levels of intensity and 4 additional pulsing modes.The Tiger is great for G-spot stimulation and there is a nub at the base of the shaft that is designed to provide clitoral stimulation. This toy should be safe to use anally because of the flared section of the shaft.
This toy might be more suitable for advanced users because of the texture and size.



The G4 Tiger is made from a lovely matte and plushy silicone and is available in both a dark blue and a vibrant pinky red. I really do like the feel of the silicone that is used; it’s soft and squishy, yet firm enough to keep the toy from feeling floppy.
Like my Stronic Eins, the silicone that was used for the Tiger has a velvet finish, so it has a tendency to look like it has a coating of dust or powder on it, even when it’s clean.
The silicone also has a lot of drag to it, and it loves to pick up any bits of lint or hairs that come in contact with it. When using a lubricant with this toy, make sure to use a water-based lube. Silicone lubes can have a bad chemical interaction with silicone toys which can ruin them.
Silicone is a great material, it’s non-porous and body safe, and it won’t harbor any harmful bacteria within its surface.





The Tiger is a total of 8.75 inches long, with 4.5 inches of it being insertable. The shaft is 4.5 inches around, with the head and bottom of the shaft swelling to 4.75”. And the clitoral bump sticks out 0.75” past the rest of the shaft. The shaft itself features 7 ridges down the front, and there is a nice bulging head at the top of the shaft.
The G4 toy line features a nice cutout in the base that acts as a handle, it measures 1” by 1.5”, and I can fit 2 of my fingers through it.
The motor is located halfway down the shaft, right above the clitoral bump. Even though the motor is located this far down the shaft, the vibrations transfer throughout the toy very well and are still felt strongly at the tip of the shaft. There is a little more rigidness in the section where the motor is located, but overall, the shaft is very flexible.



The Tiger feature 6 speeds of steady vibration and 4 pattern modes. It’s controlled by 3 buttons on its base. There is a + button, a – button, and a function button that has a * on it.

You can turn on the toy by pressing either the + or the * button and holding it for 2 seconds. If you turn on the toy using the + button, the toy starts up at the lowest steady vibration setting. If you turn on the toy with the * button, the toy will start at the first of the pulsation modes.
There are 6 speeds of steady vibration, which range from low to very high. You can use the + and – buttons to toggle the intensity level.
You can get into the pulsing modes by either using the * button to turn the toy on, or by pressing it while in steady vibration mode. The pulsing modes aren’t what I would call pulsation patterns, there isn’t a strong or noticeable rhythm. Instead, they feel more like different styles of constant vibration. They’re deeper, rougher, and have a nice thudding feeling.
The different pulsing modes are;

1. A deeper, choppier vibration.
2. This setting feels like a mix between rolling vibes and pulsing. There are distinct peaks.
3. These feel similar to quick ramping vibes
4. The same ramping vibes as in mode 3, but starting off slower and speeds up to a very fast pace over the course of 20ish seconds. (This is my favorite setting, I love the slow build.)

I would say that the pulsing modes don’t feel like they’re as strong as the highest steady vibration setting. I would say for the most part, the pulsing settings are between the 4th and 5th levels, so we’re still talking medium/high.
The noise level is somewhere between 2 and 3 bees on the higher settings. It’s louder if you turn the toy on and hold it by its handle because it sounds like there’s some extra reverberation going on. But if the toy is inserted, or if you grip the shaft with your hand, it’s much quieter.

If you are in one of the pulsing modes, but would like to go back to the steady settings, press either the + or – button, and you will drop down into the steady vibration mode.
To turn the toy off at any time, press and hold the – button for just a second.

Cleaning and Charging

Because the Tiger is made from silicone and is waterproof, it is very easy to clean. I prefer to spray my toys down with toy cleaner, then take them to the sink and rinse them off. Soap and water or toy wipes also work well, and you can use a 10% bleach solution to sanitize your silicone toys as well.


The G4 Tiger features Fun Factory’s Clink N’ Charge recharging system. The wall adapter features a circular head with a “Fun Factory” on one side and two metal bumps on the other. The two metal bumps are magnetic and attach to the back side of the white base of the toy. When the magnetic charger clicks into place, the Fun Factory logo on the charger lights up in red to indicate the toy is successfully connected and charging. At this point, the three buttons on the front of the toy will light up as well and a pulse of light will cascade from one button to the next.

Charging usually takes close to 5 hours if the battery is totally drained, and I’ve found I usually get close to one hour of play out of each full charge. You will know the toy is done charging when the red glow under the Fun Factory logo turns off. The buttons on the front will continue to glow and pulse even when the toy is done charging, so don’t sit around waiting for them to turn off as well.

A quick note about the lighted buttons: At first I couldn’t understand why the buttons were randomly lighting up. It seems like they will do their cascading illumination whenever the charging spot on the back of the handle is touched. It probably has to do with the charging system sensing an electrical field. I’ve also set the toy on my desk next to my computer, and even though I’m not touching it or moving it, the lights will keep pulsing while it sits there. So I’m assuming that the electrical field from my computer is making the lights go off. Sometimes I can just touch the shaft with one finger, or just hover my hand over the toy and it’s enough to set the lights off. Kinda spooky.


The Tiger comes in nice-looking packaging. From the photos I’ve seen, there used to be another box the Tiger came in, so what I got must be a 2nd wave of packaging.


The out portion is a slip cover which has some basic product information and a full-size image of the toy on 2 sides of the box. Once the slip cover is removed, there is a champagne colored inner box which is mostly plain except for the red Fun Factory logo. The inside of the box is red and has a tray that holds the toy, charger and booklets.
I don’t particularly care to use this packaging for storage. I feel like the box is a bit large and is a little bit of a hassle to deal with because of the flap and the fact that it’s a little flimsy.


I waited for a while to get the Tiger and I finally decided I had to have it and I couldn’t wait any longer. I’m a fan of texture and the Tiger seemed like it was going to be perfect.
The Tiger took a little getting used to for me, I was feeling the texture a lot stronger than I expected and I found it a little much at first. I was also a little surprised that the motor was located so far down the shaft, which I wasn’t expecting.

I’ve really come to appreciate the texture of this toy after using it a few times. You might need to start slow, but after getting into it, the texture is very stimulating. I love having the handle, and because the toy has some nice flexibility, it great for using with a partner. (Though I would recommend telling them to take it easy with the thrusting if you’re not fully warmed up yet – it can be intense!)
I do wish there were actual pulsation pattern modes instead of only rolling-style pulse modes. Not having them is not a deal-breaker, but I did miss not having them.

Also, the clitoral bump (nub, ridge, whatever you want to call it) didn’t do anything for me, but this is nothing new. I’ve had multiple toys with this style of clitoral stimulator, and they’ve never worked for me. It’s not the fault of the toy, it’s just my anatomy. Luckily, since the shaft is so flexible, it can be flexed to bring the clitoral portion a little closer to the body. I still couldn’t really get the clitoral part to work for me, but if you’re one of those people who can almost kind of get this style to work, then I think the flexible shaft will make it possible for you to position it where you need it.
All in all, I’m pleased with the strength and the texture.

You can find the Fun Factory G4 Tiger at


You can also find the G4 Tiger at Early to Bed


  • Camryn Jones

    The Tiger is one of the G4 vibes I have my eye on, but I’m not sure about the texture. The blue is so pretty though!
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Keturah

    I have to agree with the reviewer. The Tiger is really awesome for a more experienced user. There is no way I could have used this toy when I was younger, though as I would have been way too tight. Now that I’m a little older it feels great after I work myself into it. I used to wonder about whether squirting was for real and now thanks to this toy, I am a squirter esp when i work up to using it vigorously and bend it upward to hit my gspot. This was worth the money without a doubt. If you’re really tight and can’t take size, though, it could be a problem as the texture makes it feel larger in girth than it may appear. My only other con was the first one I bought wouldn’t charge. Now that it’s been replaced, it works like a dream. Only wish it charged faster, lasted a little longer, and you could use it while plugged in, too. It’s not that loud and I do enjoy the texture and strong motor. Enjoy! Highly recommend.

  • AceDenise

    Have you tried the Fun Factory Semilino? It’s rechargeable too and smaller, but it has this same “tiger stripe” texture. I love the look of the Tiger G4 but I think it might be too big for me. I could handle the Semilino no problem. Trying to find some reviews of that one. Also the Patchy Paul looks to be a bit thinner, at least initially, and I think I could handle that one as well. I really really want the Tiger though! 🙁