Review: Roulette Croupier by Evolved Novelties

Overall Rating 4/5 Rating-stars4

Vibration Strength 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2


Strong, rumbly vibrations.
Easy Controls.
Nice Packaging.


No pulse patterns.
Silicone has lots of drag.
May require extra cleaning.

Roulette Croupier

The Croupier is a lovely G-spot vibrator that is part of the Roulette series by Evolved Novelties. The Croupier has a strong motor that is great for vaginal and G-spot play, as well as for clitoral stimulation. It’s also waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bath or shower.

I would not recommend this toy for anal play because it lacks a flared base.

This toy is perfect for anyone who likes girthier toys. The dial control is great because it’s simple and you can easily set it to the exact strength of vibration you desire.

The packaging says this toy features European silicone, a European motor and parts, and that it was assembled in Europe. I’m not exactly sure where in Europe the manufacturing happened, but I’ll take it over “Made In China” any day.


The Croupier features a lovely, bright pink silicone, which is sure to delight any pink lovers out there. The handle and control dial are made from a sturdy, white plastic. Silicone and plastic are body safe and non-porous, and they will not harbor any harmful bacteria as long as the surface of the toy is kept clean.

The packaging for the Croupier boasts that the silicone used for this product is European and is phthalate free. The silicone is matte and does have a good amount of drag; it sure likes to pick up lint. When using a lubricant with this toy, make sure to use a water-based lube. Silicone lubricants can potentially have a bad interaction with silicone toys, which can damage the material and ruin the toy.

The plastic on the handle is matte as well, and the dial in the center has some small, pink, silicone numbs for added grip.


Roulette Croupier Measurements

The Croupier is a total of 8 inches long, with 5 inches of it being insertable. Most of the shaft is about 4.75 inches in circumference and the ridge, near the base of the shaft, is the widest part of the toy. The ridge is 5.5 inches around.

There is a bit of a G-spot curve that reaches out 5/8 of an inch past the rest of the shaft. To me the G-spot tip didn’t feel very intense, because the shaft is so flexible that I wasn’t able to get very much pressure on my G-spot. Because of this I also didn’t have any problems with the curved tip being uncomfortable while thrusting the toy.

This toy does not have any annoying seams, which is very nice. There are a few ridges on this toy that are at the base of the shaft and the G-spot tip, but the middle of the shaft is free of ridges and is very smooth. Because the ridges are at the ends I didn’t really run into them very much or feel them while I was using the toy.

The Croupier is rather girthy, but it is very flexible and might be a little more accommodating to some because it does have some give. The toy is squishy and flexible, except for the portions at the base of the shaft where the battery compartment is located, and the tip of the toy where the motor is.


The white handle of the toy has a large dial in the middle and this controls the vibration strength. The handle twists off to reveal the battery compartment. This toy is waterproof and there is a small, black O-ring to keep water from getting into the toy.



This Croupier is powered by 2 AA batteries and the motor is surprisingly strong. The vibrations are low and rumbly. The motor is located in the tip of the toy and the vibrations are felt the strongest there. The vibrations do carry a little to the base of the shaft, but aren’t nearly as strong there.

This Croupier is controlled by the dial in the handle of the toy, which is very simple to use.



This toy only features steady vibrations, so this isn’t ideal for users who like pulsation or escalation.

The Croupier is fairly quiet. When you first turn the dial on to the lowest setting, the toy is barely audible at all. I would say, even on the highest vibration strength, that noise level is still only about 2 bees.

Every once in a while, if the toy is flexed just right, it can get a tiny bit louder, but this can be remedied by slightly changing the angle or pressure.


Since this toy is waterproof I just take it to the sink, spray it with toy cleaner, and then rinse it off. You can also use soap and water or toy wipes for cleaning, and you can even use a 10% bleach solution for disinfecting.

I did run into a little bit of a hassle when cleaning this toy. The shaft cleans up very easily until it runs into the white plastic. There is a little, pink ring of silicone that presumably was added for looks. If this gets wet with lube, bodily fluids, or even water while you’re cleaning it, then the moisture will get between and under this ring. It’s easy enough to remove the pink ring, rinse it, and wipe away anything that may have gotten under it, but it’s an extra step that you normally don’t have to do with most vibes.

The same sort of thing also happens with the screw-on part of the handle. There is an O-ring, so liquids don’t get into the battery compartment, but there is a little space before you get to the O-ring where liquids can get in. I recommend unscrewing the handle and cleaning this area, because a good amount of fluids can get trapped in that little space and it might get kind of gross.




Like most Evolved products, this toy comes with great packaging. The Croupier comes in a clear plastic case that has the information for the toy printed on it. The lid comes totally off and is secured by two simple latches at each end of the box. Inside there is a removable plastic tray that that toy sits in. I really love the packaging for this toy, and I do like to use it for storage.

There are no instructions for this toy, but the dial control is so simple that no instructions are needed.I bought the Croupier on a whim and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Overall, it’s a good toy and I’m pleased with the quality and strength of the Croupier. It feels like it’s made well and I expect it to hold up for a while. The pink is awesome in person and I also like the packaging.

It’s a little girthy for my taste, I definitely need a bit of lube and some warming up before I can comfortably use this toy. I don’t care much for using this internally because of its size and that fact that there are no pulsation patterns, which is what I prefer when it comes to internal vibes. I would have also liked for either the G-spot curve to be longer or for the shaft to be a little firmer so that I could get more pressure on my G-spot.

The vibrations are pretty strong in the tip of the shaft, and I thought this toy did an excellent job when used externally as a clit vibe. I really liked having the dial control too, it was fun and easy to use.

Follow-up after 1 month

I don’t use the Croupier that often because it’s a little girthier than what I prefer, and because I like pulsation and escalation for G-spot play. I think it works great for clitoral stimulation though, it’s so strong and I like keep this around as a back-up in case the rechargeable clit vibe I like to use dies in the middle of a session.