Review: Stronic Eins Pulsator by Fun Factory

Overall Rating 3/5 Rating-stars3

Intensity 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2



Unique pulsating motion.





Silicone drag and possible texture.

Size might be a little too girthy for some.

Clitoral nub doesn’t work for all anatomies.



The Stronic Eins by Fun Factory features innovative technology that sets this toy apart from all others. The Eins is not a vibrator; it’s a pulsator. It produces a movement that is meant to mimic natural thrusting and has a total of 10 modes of function.
The Einsis waterproof and can be used in the tub or shower, and that makes it very easy to clean.
Also, this toy is rechargeable and features Fun Factory’s Click N’ Charge system and can offer up to 3 hours of play from each full charge.
This toy is meant for vaginal use. The booklet explicitly says this toy is not designed for anal use, and while the Stronic Eins is flared a bit, it’s probably not extreme enough to stop the toy from being inserted too far and there is not any sort of retrieval cord.



The Stronic Eins’s shaft is made out from silicone and the handle is smooth black plastic. Both silicone and plastic are body-safe and non-porous. These materials will not harbor any harmful bacteria as long as the surface of the toy is kept clean. The silicone on this toy does have a good bit of drag and collects lint like crazy.

I’m impressed by how soft and flexible the material is; I expected it to be firm, but it’s rather pliable and squishy. The core of the shaft if firm and does not bend at all, but the flexibility of the silicone does have a little bit of give.

Because this toy is made out of silicone, make sure that you use water-based lube with it, because silicone-based lubes can potentially have a bad interaction with silicone toys and damage the finish of the material.

Something noteworthy:
When I first opened the box I noticed the toy was covered in lint. I figured this was just something that happened during the production or boxing, so I took it to the sink to clean it, and after rinsing it off I noticed that it looked and felt like there was still a layer of dust covering the toy. I washed it again, and again, but I couldn’t seem to get it any cleaner. I finally took a really close look at it and I realized there’s actually a strange texture to the silicone. It’s not super rough, but you can definitely feel it and see it. It feels a bit grainy and the silicone looks almost iridescent and glitters like sand under a bright light.



I thought this was very strange, and since this was my first Fun Factory toy, I had no idea if this was normal or not. Upon asking around, it seems like this can be somewhat common with Fun Factory toys, especially ones that are purplish in color. I even contacted Fun Factory and they assured me that the “velevet” texture comes from their molds and that it’s normal. I don’t feel that it affects performance very much, but it is a bit off-putting to me. I feel that for the price that the fit and finish should be spot on.




The insertable portion of this toy varies by user because of its gradual increase in girth. Most users will probably insert the toy anywhere between 3 to 4 ½ inches depending on their preference.
Most of the insertable portion is between 4 ½ and 5 inches in circumference.

The widest part of the shaft that looks like a nub is designed to stimulate the clitoris.

It’s interesting that if you shake the Eins while it’s off you can feel a little rumble that is very similar to what duotone balls feel like, and it produces a similar sound as well.



The Stronic Eins is controlled by 3 buttons located on the handle. The first button is the power button, which is red and has the word “Fun” on it.
The other two button have a + and – on them, and these will toggle through the 10 different functions.
The different functions and patterns are a little hard to describe, so I’ve numbered the function to make it a little easier.



To turn the toy on you hold down the “Fun” button for half a second and the toy will start at level 4.
This is the slowest constant thrust.
Every pulse, or thrust, the Stronic makes is very quick and short. If you are on a slower setting that just means there is more time in between the thrusts, but each thrust is still very quick.

If you hit the – button, you will be taken to level 3, 2 and then 1, which are the “Algorithmic” modes. As you can see in the picture, these are very reminiscent of a heartbeat at different speeds. These are my favorites.

If you are on level 1 and press the – button again, nothing will happen. You can press the + button to take you back up through the settings.

Levels 4 through 7 are increasing levels of constant, steady thrusting.

Levels 8 through 10 are “Dynamic” modes which are different combinations of the first 7 settings.

To turn the toy off at any time just press and hold the “Fun” button for half a second.

The toy does make a bit of noise while it’s on. I had seen some video reviews and I hadn’t heard much in the way of noise at all, so I was a little surprised by how easily I could hear mine when it arrived. I’d rate it about 2 bees, which still isn’t that loud, but it’s more than I was expecting. The noise the Stronic makes sounds like a marble rapidly bumping and rolling back in forth inside the toy. The best description I’ve ever hear of the sound is that it sounds like a helicopter off in the distance. That seems really spot on, because that’s exactly what it sounds like.
Cleaning and Charging

The Stronic Eins is very easy to care for and clean. Since it is waterproof, I just take mine over to the sink, spray it down with toy cleaner and then rinse it off. You can use toy cleaner, soap and water, toy wipes, or even a 10% bleach solution for a good cleaning.

This toy features Fun Factory’s magnetic Click N’ Charge system. The wall charger has 2 small metal dots that align with 2 corresponding dots on the base of the Stronic Eins. A full charge can take up to 16 hours if the battery has been fully depleted, and can then provide up to 3 hours of play.





The packaging consists of a sleeve that has the iconic image of a man’s back and a woman’s arms that Fun Factory is using for the Stronic Eins. It also shows a picture of the toy that’s the actual size, and there’s also some basic info about its functions. This sleeve is not discreet at all, but it can be removed.

The Eins itself is inside a box that’s champagne-colored and has just the brand name printed on it in red. The box opens with a flap on the top and reveals the toy, charger and booklets resting in a red cardboard tray. This tray is open and does not contain any cutouts for the specific items in the box.

When I received my Stronic Eins and opened it for the first time, I was disappointed to find that the toy and charger were not held in place and were floating around the box. I was concerned that the charger could have been scraping the toy during shipping and may have damaged it, but luckily it looks like everything is okay.

I’m also a little disappointed by the box itself. The box is a bit on the flimsy side and the flap is a little bit of a pain to mess with. Usually I would expect a toy at this price range to come with a nice, sturdy box that I can use for storage, but this is not the case for the Eins. Fun Factory also does not provide you with any sort of storage pouch, which would have been nice considering the price tag and the box.


I am a girl who usually doesn’t prefer constant internal vibrations, but I love using vibes with pulsating patterns because they can give you a bit of a “bump.” When I heard about the Stronic Eins, I was thrilled because I thought this would give a similar sensation, and provide a nice bit of movement. I definitely thought the Stronic Eins was going to be the holy grail of sex toys, but unfortunately I haven’t been wowed by my experience so far.

When using the Eins, I’ve felt a bit let down. I expected that since the toy has a thrusting action that it would move in and out. For me the toy has a lot of drag, and even with a lot of lube it grabs on to my skin and moves my skin with it, instead of gliding over it, and this is a little uncomfortable for me. The Eins is not really making large movements, but all the little thrusts are enough to make me a little raw and sore after a while.

The nub that is meant to stimulate the clitoris does nothing for me. For the most part it’s uncomfortable to insert the toy far enough to even reach the nub, but when I have been able to get it there I realize that it’s way too short to reach my clitoris and does me no good. I think I would actually have preferred if Fun Factory had not tried to include the nub, because all it ends up doing is increasing the girth and makes the toy less comfortable for a lot of users. As it is, I can only insert it comfortably about halfway unless I’m really turned on. I also would have preferred if the tip was curved more so that it could actually have a chance of hitting my G-spot.

I expected the sensations caused by the movement to be wonderful and intense, but sadly I find them a bit underwhelming. I think the movements are just a bit too quick and shallow for my taste. When using this toy I’ve almost found myself getting bored, and with even with help, it takes me a very long time to finish, and that’s if I’m able to at all. This is very unusual for me when using a toy.

And unfortunately my Os when using this toy aren’t very strong. I think the movement of the toy overshadows them a bit, so sadly it has not been a very satisfying experience.
I hate to be such a downer about such a celebrated toy that everyone’s been excited for, but it really did not work out for me.

However, If you like quick and shallow thrusting, and can handle a bit of girth, this toy may be perfect for you.

Follow-up after 2 months

Sadly I was not able to make the Stronic Eins work for me. The combination of the rougher material, the size, and the quick, shallow pulsing action was just a bit too uncomfortable after a while. Fun Factory claims the 87% of testers preferred the pulsating action to a vibrator, but it’s possible I’m just that other 13%.
I still wonder if I would have enjoyed the pulsating technology if the silicone had been smoother, or if this toy had been smaller or had a different shape. I’ve heard a couple more reports of other people getting rougher silicone texture as well. It just seems the texture on the Stronic Eins varies a lot, and I just happened to get one of the rougher ones.
I know the Stronic Drei is coming out and it will have more a curved shaft, so it’s possible that I might give it a try and see if it works out better for me.


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