Review: Calex Black Label Jack Rabbit Rechargeable

Overall Rating 4/5 Rating-stars4


Vibration Strength 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2


Strong vibrations.
Strong rotation.


Anatomy dependent like most rabbits.
Shaft can only rotate in one direction.
Limited vibe settings in shaft.

Finally, a rechargeable rabbit from California Exotics!

The Black Label Jack Rabbit is a special anniversary edition rabbit by California Exotics. It’s silicone, waterproof and has 3 strong motors that provide 7 settings for the clitoral stimulator with 3 speeds of shaft rotation and vibration – all while being whisper quiet. This new and improved Jack Rabbit is sure to please rabbit veterans and advanced toy users alike. Yet the easy-to-use controls and plush materials should be suitable even for beginners as well.


The shaft and clitoral arm of the Black Label are made out of a soft, matte black silicone and the base where the controls are located is made out of a shiny black ABS plastic. Both silicone and ABS plastic are body safe and non-porous; they should not harbor any harmful bacteria as long as the surface of the toy is kept clean. The silicone on this toy does have a good bit of drag, which makes it collect lint like crazy.

I’m impressed by how soft and flexible the material is. I expected it to be firm like some of my other silicone toys, but it’s rather pliable and squishy; overall very comfortable. The inner workings of the toy do not bend much, but its soft covering does provide a little bit of give.

Because this toy is made out of silicone, make sure that you use water-based lube with it as silicone-based lubes can potentially have a bad interaction with silicone toys and damage the finish of the material.


The Black Label Jack Rabbit is a total of 10 inches long with 5½ of those inches being insertable and a shaft circumference of 5 inches at its widest part.

The clitoral stimulator has a standard rabbit shape with a nose and 2 separate ears.

This toy boasts 3 motors; one for the clitoral stimulator, one for the shaft rotation and one for the shaft vibration. There is a bulge halfway up the shaft where the shaft vibration motor is located. It’s positioned there to theoretically stimulate the G-spot of most women, though this was not the case for me.

There are shallow grooves in the silicone that run up and down the entire length of the toy in a wavy pattern. They are mostly just for show as I was not able to feel them at all while playing with this toy and I didn’t have any cleaning issues because of any residue wanting to stick in them.

Some consider this toy to be large, but it’s actually one of the smaller rabbits that I own. The shaft also does taper so it’s not really as large as it looks. It’s only the one bulge on the shaft’s widest part that gives it the large measurement. For me it was quite manageable and totally comfortable.



The Black Label features 7 vibration settings for the clitoral arm and 3 speeds of shaft rotation and vibration.
All the functions are controlled by 4 buttons located on the base. First is a dedicated power button, which has the universal power symbol on it. Next is the clitoral function button with an image of a sine wave (squiggly line) on it which controls the vibration setting for the clitoral arm. There are also 2 arrow buttons (up and down) that control the speed of the shaft rotation and vibration.


To turn the toy on, press the power button once, a small blue light will turn on to let you know that it’s ready to go, but at this point nothing is happening. You can control the vibration and rotation functions separately so you can start with whichever setting you desire.
To start the vibration in the clitoral stimulator just press the function button and it will start up vibrating on the lowest setting. To cycle through the settings keep pressing the function key.

The vibration settings are:
1. Steady low
2. Steady medium
3. Steady high
4. Pulsing
5. A short stuttering pulse that speeds up until it’s almost a steady vibration, then stops and starts over.
6. Long pulses (my favorite setting)
7. Three short pulses followed by a long pulse.

If you press the function key after you’ve reached the last setting the vibration will turn off, but pressing the button again will start the vibration back at the lowest setting and you can cycle through the functions once more.

If you want to play with the shaft rotation, pressing the up arrow will start the rotation at the slowest settings. While the shaft is rotating there will be vibrations coming from the G-spot bump that is located half-way up the shaft. Unfortunately there is no way to control the shaft vibration and rotation independently. With the lowest setting of rotation you’ll also have the lowest setting of steady vibration.

Press the up arrow again and it will increase the shaft to medium rotation and vibration and then again for high. Once you’ve reached the highest setting, pressing the up arrow will do nothing. You can press the down arrow to go back to a lower setting or to turn the shaft off completely.

The shaft rotation is very strong and I wasn’t able to stop it by squeezing down with my Kegel muscles like I can normally do with most rabbits. And just to note, I experience a lot of handle rotation if I don’t hold on to the toy while I’m using it.

And I’m so impressed with how quiet this toy is, even with all the functions going it’s probably only about 2 bees. Most rabbits can have that loud grinding sound that can be really distracting but the motors just run so smoothly, it’s very nice!

To turn the toy off completely at any time you can just press the power button and you’re good to go. I love that this toy has a dedicated power button, it’s very convenient and you don’t have to cycle through any setting to turn the toy off which is nice – especially if you’re in a hurry.

Cleaning and Charging

Cleaning the Black Label is super quick and easy. Because it’s waterproof I just take it to the sink and spray it down with toy cleaner and then rinse it off. You’re also able to use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer.

The Black Label charges via a USB cord and wall adapter. When my toy arrived the wall adapter portion was broken into a few pieces but luckily I had a few backup USB adapters that were the same voltage so I was able to use one of them as a temporary replacement. The jack of the cord plugs into a little port on the bottom of the Black Label which has a little removable plug to keep water from getting into the toy.

When you plug the charger into the Black Label a little blue light on the control panel will light up and blink to let you know it’s charging. The initial charge time is a whopping 8 hours, but the charge can last up to 3 hours depending on the settings you’re using, so the charge can potentially last through a few play sessions.


Black Label Jack Rabbit

The Black Label comes in a mostly black cardboard box that has a picture of the toy right on the front as well as one of the sides. The box also has plenty of information about the toy and its functions. This box is in no way discreet, but it’s a little nicer looking than a lot of other rabbit vibrator packaging from California Exotics. I’m a sucker for aesthetics and personally think the packaging is cute. I like the pink accents and embossed lettering.

When you open the box you’ll find a clear plastic tray that contains the toy, USB cord and wall adapter nestled in their cutouts. A lot of times I like to take the tray and put it in my drawer to use as storage, but this one is a little bigger than most trays and takes up a bit of space.


After reading the reviews I was very excited to try out the Black Label Jack Rabbit. My favorite rabbit, the Silly Diver, is also from California Exotics and I was hoping this toy would be right up there with it. Unfortunately there are a few things that made the Black Label not able to deliver for me.

When it comes to rabbits, I’m a fan of rotating beads in the shaft so I wasn’t sure what trading the beads out for vibration was going to be like. When it comes to internal vibration I prefer patterns that can give off a thumpy feeling. With steady vibrations I can tend to actually lose internal feeling, I don’t think I quite get numb, but I think it dampens the feelings of any actual movement that’s happening. In this case I couldn’t feel much of the vibration or rotation of the shaft, so that was bit of a disappointment. Also, I was a little bummed that there isn’t an option to change the rotation direction of the shaft at all.

Another issue I have is that the clitoral arm doesn’t quite fit me. It goes out from the toy and then bends upwards and it just starts to overshoot my clitoris. I’m pretty average spaced and I think this toy might possibly be better suited for ladies who are spaced a little further apart. The clitoral attachment and bunny ears are flexible though, so if it doesn’t fit you perfectly not all hope is lost.

Also, the ears on the rabbit are very soft and the vibrations diffuse throughout the entire clit arm which broadens and weakens them.

I’m a fan of pressure and I prefer more pin-point vibrations, so with the combination of the arm not lining up, the soft ears and the diffused vibrations I’m not able to get a firm connection I need or focus the vibrations where I want them. This toy didn’t work out for me in that regard, but I know not all women are like me and some prefer a softer touch, so if you’re one of those people you might absolutely love this toy.

All in all I think this toy is lovely. I love how quiet it is, I love the soft silicone and I love that it’s rechargeable. It’s a fabulous toy and I would love to give it 5 stars, but because it didn’t fit my anatomy or deliver strong sensations for me I don’t think it would be fair. I still would recommend this for anyone looking for a good quality rabbit.

Follow-up after 3 months

I haven’t used the Black Label very much since I reviewed it, mostly because I’ve had other toys that I’ve been trying out.
Even though I wasn’t crazy about the clitoral simulator on this one, I still like to use this toy for the shaft rotation and pair it with my favorite clit vibe.

It’s not my top go-to toy, but the quality is great and I still highly recommend this rabbit!


  • JustADude

    I love that you include a lot of the relevant measurements that aren’t often included in the specs, but how about including the rabbit-to-shaft distance? As you state it’s pretty important for a rabbit device and can vary significantly from woman to woman and from device to device. I wish manufacturers included this in their specs. It’s a pain if you have to constantly hold the rabbit up or down so that it hits the clitoris with the shaft inserted while using it. We bought a $110 dollar Jopen VR15 and the space between the rabbit and shaft is very small and is just a poor fit for my wife. Quite disappointing given the cost.

    Anyway, great blog!!