Review: Je Joue Mimi

Overall Rating 4/5Rating-stars4

Vibration Strength 4/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL4

Noise Level 2/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL2


10 settings.
Small and discreet.
Nice color options.
Travel Friendly.
Nice packaging.


Broad Stimulation only.
Vibrations can be numbing.
Vibrations weaken with pressure.
The magnetic charger can be finicky.

Mimi is a small rechargeable clitoral vibe that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. For her size Mimi is able to put off some pretty strong vibrations. Because of her simplicity and strength Mimi can appeal to both beginner and advanced users. Mimi’s discreet and would be perfect for travel, and Mimi is 100% waterproof which can make bath time a little more fun.
Mimi is meant to be used externally as a clitoral vibrator, but Mimi’s versatile and can be used on any external erogenous zone you please. Because of her short and wide shape, this toy is not meant to be inserted.


Mimi is made from a high-grade silicone. Silicone is non-porous and body safe and should not harbor any harmful bacteria if the toy is cleaned properly. The silicone used for Mimi is smooth and velvety, there is a little bit of drag but not very much. And unlike other silicone toys I’ve encountered, Mimi is not a huge lint magnet.

Since I use Mimi externally I’ve never felt the need for lube, but if you prefer lubrication when using her make sure it’s water-based. Silicone-based lubricants can potentially have a bad reaction with silicone toys and damage the finish of material.

Mimi has a hard shell underneath her silicone skin so Mimi is totally rigid and there is no give. Mimi is watertight and can be submerged in a bath without any worries of water leaking into her electrical parts.

I’ve noticed with my Mimi that when it’s been on for a little while and warms up, the silicone expands and can separate from the hard shell underneath. It feels like there’s a tiny cushion of air between the silicone and the shell, and while this hasn’t been a problem it’s still something to note. When Mimi cools down the silicone shrinks back and it once again feels tight.



Mimi is shaped like a flattened egg. Mimi right about 3.5 inches long with an average width of 2 inches and it’s one inch thick. Mimi fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. You can use the flat sides for broader stimulation or turn it on its side or tip for more concentrated pin-point vibrations. Mimi is smooth except for a tiny Je Joue logo printed in the silicone which will illuminate while Mimi is charging. The outside of the toy is all the same color except two silver buttons which connect to the magnetic charger.

Mimi is pretty discreet because it doesn’t look like an obvious sex toy. If you left it out on a counter someone might take interest because Mimi’s a curious object that doesn’t have an obvious purpose and you might get a “Hey, what’s this thing?” The buttons are really the only thing that will give it away, especially if someone turned it on. Even then they may just assume it’s a little massager for hands, feet, temples, etc, and nothing sexual. With the compact design Mimi’s great for travel and you don’t have to worry about packing batteries. (But don’t forget the charger!)


There are two versions of Mimi. The old version is controlled by two silver buttons which have + and – on them, while the new generation has the same two buttons with an added third button in the middle that controls the patterns separately.
To turn Mimi on press the + button for a few seconds and the lowest vibration will start.
Mimi has 10 different vibration functions total, five of them are steady vibrations and the other five are patterns. Use the + and – to toggle the intensity up or down and the function button to cycle through the patterns.

The vibration settings are:

1. Very low
2. Low
3. Medium
4. High
5. Very high
6. Long Pulses on very high
7. Short pulses on very high
8. Build up from low to high and then back down to low
9. Short, fast ramps
10. Rolling pulses

To turn Mimi off at any time just press and hold the – button for a few seconds.
Mimi probably averages about 2 bees. I find that the patterns seem louder than the constant vibration settings.

Cleaning and Charging

Since Mimi’s waterproof it’s super easy to keep it clean. I just take Mimi to the sink, spray it with toy cleaner and rinse it off. You can also use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer.

Mimi comes with a magnetic charger. The cord measures 53 inches, one end has a standard electrical plug and the other end has a special magnetic head that has silver dots that you match up with Mimi’s buttons. The magnetic connection is pretty strong but I find I have to lay both the cord and Mimi on a flat surface for charging because if there’s an angle between the two the charger doesn’t get good contact with Mimi. The light will blink when it’s charging and is supposed to become solid when Mimi’s done. Though mine doesn’t seem to do that for some reason and will just keep blinking forever so I just have to time how long I’m charging it.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes the charger makes a really high pitched squeal that kind of sounds like my ears are ringing but when I jiggle the charger it will stop.



Mimi comes in a lovely black box that ties shut with a satin ribbon. It looks very classy and luxurious and would make a great gift. The box is plain except for the company name and some scrollwork which is printed in white. The box has nothing sexual on it and is very discreet.
When you open the box you see Mimi resting in a tray. If you lift this tray up you will find the instruction booklet and charger in the bottom of the box.


I know Mimi is a favorite for a lot of people and I was really excited to try it out. I tend to be a fan of more pin-point vibrations and unfortunately for me Mimi’s vibrations are just too broad even when I have it turned on its sides and tip. I also feel that the vibrations tend to stay on the surface and don’t go very deep at all. I always feel like I need just a little more from Mimi that I just can’t get. I have also noticed a big drop in vibration strength when I press Mimi hard against me. I get a stronger sensation with Mimi if I hold it lightly against my body, but the more excited I get the more I catch myself pushing it hard against me and the weaker Mimi feels. I can start to get a bit frustrated at this point because it’s distracting to worry about untensing my arm and hand muscles when I’m close to finishing.

I’ve also realized that Mimi makes me numb fairly easy. I haven’t experienced this with other toys and this can also lead to a very frustrated me.

My hubby actually found a nice way of using Mimi during foreplay. He can hold it in his palm and press it against my clitoris while inserting a finger or two and rock his hand back and forth. I enjoy using Mimi this way and will continue to use her, but she’s not my go-to clitoral vibe.

Follow-Up after 1 month

Sadly, I must say that I still don’t care for Mimi very much and I haven’t reached for it since I wrote my original review. It just sits in a drawer and I’m thinking about trying to find a new home for it.

I did notice today that Mimi seemed to have a good bit of juice considering how long it’s been since it was last charged. I purchased my Salsa close to a month ago and I definitely prefer it over Mimi because of the Salsa’s stronger and more pin-point vibrations.

There still are things I really admire about Mimi; I think the quality is very nice and the silicone is great. Mimi’s a lovely little vibe, but it just couldn’t quite do it for me.