Review: Calex Couture Eclipse 2

Overall Rating 4/5



Great inner ball movement.
Shape fits nicely against the G-spot.


Thin and stretchy connector and retrieval cord.
A little larger than I prefer.

The Eclipse 2 duo-tone balls are a fun tear drop shape that feels great nestled against the G-spot and provides great rumbling sensations when you move. They’re great for helping tone pelvic floor muscles and are simple to use and care for. And did I mention they’re silicone? These are a wonderful addition to any kegel toys collection.

What are the used for?

Vaginal balls like the Eclipse are designed the aid with kegel exercises that develop and strengthen your pelvic floor, or ‘PC’ muscles. Having strong PC muscles provides overall, a better sexual experience for most women.

Stronger PC muscles give you a tighter grip on your partner during intercourse and can provide stronger, and even multiple orgasms. It’s also beneficial for women who suffer from incontinence, or weak bladders, and women who have given birth and want to tighten up again.

Vaginal balls provide resistance and an object to manipulate. This can help you focus in on the muscles you’re trying to work. These vaginal balls also have little weights inside them that roll around as you move and this can give extra stimulation and increase blood flow.



The Eclipse 2 vaginal balls are part of California Exotic’s Couture line. Like many of the other items in this line, the balls are made out of a lovely matte silicone and ABS plastic. Silicone and ABS are body-safe and should not harbor any harmful bacteria as long as the surface of the toy is clear of residue.

There is a little bit of drag on the silicone and it will want to collect lint, but it’s not the worst I’ve encountered. If you need a lubricant to help with insertion or just to make wear more comfortable, make sure to use water-based lubes. Silicone-based lubes can potentially interact with silicone toy products and damage the finish of the material.


These vaginal balls measure 4.5 inches together in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. The retrieval cord is 3.5 inches long. Unlike other vaginal balls I’ve had, the Eclipse 2 balls are shaped like tear drops that are flat on one side and curved on the other. The flat side is plastic and the curved side, the connector, and the retrieval cord are all made of silicone. All the silicone parts of this toy appear to be molded as one piece. The plastic and the silicone parts are lined up almost perfectly but there is still a little bit of a seam between them. I have not been able to feel it while I’m wearing them and I have not had any problem with any goo getting caught in it.



The width of the connector between the balls and the retrieval cord is somewhat thin. This would not be a problem if the silicone were more rigid but it’s very stretchy and I worry about how well it would hold up after a while. I don’t feel like the cord comes close to snapping when it stretches but I would feel a little better if it were thicker.




It’s easiest to insert the balls while lying on your back. I don’t need to use lubricant when inserting these, but that may not be the case for everyone. I’ve tried inserting them two different ways. First I inserted them with the bulged side facing forward towards my G-spot. I found that this worked the best and they felt pretty nice. I’ve also tried inserting them with the flat side facing forward, but I found that to be unpleasant.

Out of all the vaginal balls I’ve owned these ones give the nicest sensation. They really have a lot of movement and have kind of a bouncy feel to them. These also happen to be the quietest pair I own since there is no rattle that can be heard by others while you’re wearing them. They feel nice and are easy to squeeze on and manipulate.


The balls are very easy to clean because they are solid and lack any electrical parts. I mentioned that there is a seam but I haven’t noticed it collecting any residue and it hasn’t required any extra cleaning or attention. I just take the balls to the sink and spray them with toy cleaner and then rinse them off. You can also use soap and water or toy wipes if you prefer.


The box is very simple yet classy. The box had a matte white background and a glossy embossed image of the toy itself, while the sides of box contained general information about the toy. There was no nude woman on the box, but it was still not discreet.
There were no instructions that came with the toy but there are no functions to learn and it was pretty intuitive, so no instructions are really needed.
The toy does come in a sealed Styrofoam wrapper / pouch. It’s nothing fancy and isn’t meant to be permanent storage, but if you’re careful you can keep your toy in it.


I’m a little on the smaller side and these balls are a little larger than I prefer, but other than that I’m really pleased with them. They have a great rumble that I haven’t gotten with any of my other pairs of duo-tone balls. I also love that they’re silicone and don’t have any strings or strange grooves that are hard to keep clean.
I like to wear them during the day to get my juices flowing and then let my husband tease me while he takes them out during foreplay. I definitely enjoy using these!

Follow-Up after 2 months

I haven’t been using these vaginal balls as much since they are a little larger than I would like. I haven’t had any issues with any residue collecting in the seam, and I check them often. I have since bought a set of Luna Mini Beads, and find them to be a better size for me and I use them more often. Unfortunately my Luna Beads are nowhere near as rumbly as the Eclipse 2 and I have yet to find another pair that provides as much sensation as the Eclipse 2 do.