Review: Calex Silly Diver

Overall Rating 5/5 Rating-stars5

Vibration Strength 5/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL5

Noise Level 3/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL3


Silicone. Strong rotation and vibration. Waterproof. Batteries last a long time.


Might be a little strong for users who can’t handle a lot of power.

The Silly Diver is a silicone rabbit vibrator by California Exotics. Unlike other rabbits, this toy can deliver super strong vibration and shaft rotation. It’s great for those of us who need a little more power from our toys. The shaft is smooth and the simplicity of the shape would be great for beginners, in my opinion, though they may not be ready to use it at full power right away.


The shaft and clitoral stimulator of the Silly Diver are made of a translucent purple silicone and the base of the toy which houses the batteries and control is constructed out of shiny ABS plastic. Both silicone and ABS are fairly body safe and should not harbor any harmful bacteria in the material itself. The silicone is rather velvety and is mostly has a matte, frosted look except for where the beads are housed in the shaft; this small area is almost like a window of shiny, clear silicone. There is a little bit of drag to the silicone but not as much as I’ve experienced from other toys by California Exotics and Jopen. It’s also a bit of lint and hair magnet so you may have to rinse it if you don’t store it in a lint free area. Make sure not to use silicone-based lube with this toy because there is a possibility that there can be a reaction that can damage the finish of your silicone toy. Just a little bit of lube does the trick and I never have to worry about re-applying.


The toy is a total of 10.5 inches in length, 5 of which are insertable. The circumference of the shaft is 4 3/4 and the diameter is 1.5 inches. I think the size is perfect for me and it will probably be pretty comfortable for most users. The shaft is mostly smooth with the only texture being 3 very mild ridges on the head of the toy. They’re very smooth and you can feel them while the toy is being inserted but once it’s in place you shouldn’t be able to feel them. There are 3 rows of metal pleasure beads located in the shaft that spin while the shaft rotates. These beads in this toy are great. Their rotation is smooth and they feel amazing. I’ve owned a number of rabbits that had beads that felt like they were uneven and jabbing me or that broke because they or their spindle were plastic. The clitoral stimulator on this toy is in the shape of a dolphin’s head and provides great pin-point stimulation. The nose of the dolphin looks pointy and like it might feel uncomfortable but it actually feels very nice. The clitoral arm flexes a little but not much. I personally like this because I need a lot of strength and pressure and this stiffer arm provides that. This could be a drawback to some ladies if their anatomy does not perfectly fit this toy or who prefer a light touch. The vibration does travel strongly through the entire clitoral arm so even if your anatomy doesn’t allow you to line up exactly at the tip of the dolphin’s nose you’ll still get about the same strength of vibration no matter where your clitoris ends up contacting the arm.


Silly Diver Batteries


This toy is powered by 3 AA batteries that fit into an EZ load battery cartridge. I usually take the batteries out during use to preserve battery life and keep the batteries from damaging the toy if they leak.This toy does not seem to eat batteries at all; I can use this toy so many times without having to change them.

The Silly Diver offers 3 speeds and 2 directions of shaft rotation and 7 vibration settings in the clitoral arm. This rabbit is nice because the shaft rotation and clitoral vibration can be controlled interdependently of one another. You can choose to use both, or only one feature at a time.

Silly Diver controls

The control panel has 4 buttons on it and 3 of them control the shaft rotation. There are also little red heart indicator lights that indicate the level of intensity of the functions. There are 2 buttons that have up and down arrows on them that control the shaft rotation speed. And there is another button below them that has arrows in a circle pattern that control the direction of the rotation.

Pressing the up button once will start the shaft rotating at its slowest speed. You can press the button again to speed it up to medium and again for fast, pressing the up button again after that does nothing. The rotation is nice and strong and can take a bit of pressure before it starts to slow down. At any time you can press the rotation direction change and the direction will change instantly without any hesitation or jamming.

Just a little note; when you turn the toy on it will remember which direction it was rotating when it was last used and will start in the same direction. To turn the rotation speed down or to turn it off just press the down arrow button until you reach the level you want.

The fourth button has the image of a sine wave on it and it controls the vibration of the clitoral arm. Pressing the button once starts the vibration at the lowest setting. Keep pressing the button to cycle through the 7 different functions.

The vibration settings are:

1. Constant low

2. Constant medium

3. Constant high

4. Pulsing

5. A short stuttering pulse that speeds up until it’s almost a constant vibration (I’ve heard this referred to as a rolling vibration.)

6. Long pulses (my favorite setting)

7. Three short pulses followed by a long pulse If you keep pressing the button you’ll start back at the first setting and you can cycle through all the settings again.

To turn the toy off when you’re done or if you get interrupted just press and hold the vibration button for about 2 to 3 seconds and the entire toy will shut off, including the shaft rotation if it’s going. There is no way to turn off the vibration by itself. The vibrations are very strong and smooth. As far as strength and quality or vibrations I feel that it beats out my Mimi and Jopen, which can make me numb. I find my Silly Diver way more satisfying and I don’t lose sensation.


This toy is so simple to take care of. Being silicone and waterproof I just take it to the sink and spray it with toy cleaner and then rinse it down. You can also use soap and water and toy wipes as well. There are no textures or seams that require special cleaning.



The packaging is very simple. The toy comes in a very thin plastic box. There is a window right in the front showing the entire toy. And there is also a large picture of the toy on the back with a description and features of the toy. This box is the opposite of discreet! Inside the box there is a simple plastic tray that holds the toy. I actually put this tray in my toy drawer and place my Silly Diver back in it when I’m done using her. I didn’t see any sort of instruction in the box, but the buttons are fairly straight forward so they’re not necessarily needed.


I’m absolutely thrilled that this toy is silicone and has pleasure beads. This seems to be a really hard combination to find at this time. Add the great power and quality and this toy is a total winner. I’m usually not a fan of the shape of clitoral stimulators on rabbit vibrators. I don’t care for floppy bunny ears or butterflies. I never feel they offer enough direct strength and pressure. When I saw the dolphin shape I had no idea what to think, but I am blown away by how good this shape delivered. Build quality is always really important to me. I hate things that are weak or prone to breaking. This toy feels so solid and strong and I’m thrilled by how well it performs. It’s by far my most favorite toy I’ve ever owned.

Follow-up after 3 months

I definitely still like my Silly Diver a lot, but hasn’t gotten much use recently. I have a lot of other toys I’ve been trying out, but it has not been forgotten. It has been holding up very well and still works great and it looks like new. Most rabbits I’ve owned had something about them that disappointed me, but the Silly Diver is the one rabbit that I would purchase again if it broke.

  • Pantophile Panic

    Is this product 100% silicone, or a blend? Have you flame tested it? Was it orderless when you received it? I ask because “translucent” and “clear” are not things you typically hear about when people are referring to pure, medical grade silicone. I have been looking for a silicone rabbit vibrator with rotating beads for years. This one looks okay, but I do not trust California Exotics as even their “body safe” toys have given me chemical burn in the past.