Review: Calex Petite Couture Serenity

Overall Rating 3/5 Rating-stars3

Vibration Intensity 2/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL2

Noise Level 1/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL1


Silicone. Great size for beginners. Quiet. Easy controls Waterproof


Doesn’t have a lot of power. Silicone has tons of drag.

The Petite Couture Serenity is a traditional style vibe from California Exotics. The design and quality are quite nice for the price. The toy is a gorgeous soft silicone and has 7 functions of vibration and nice light up controls. Serenity is also nice for external play as well as internal since the vibrations are located in the tip of the shaft. I would not recommend this for anal use since there is no flared base.


The shaft of serenity is made of a soft, matte silicone and control base of the toy is made of silver ABS plastic. Both silicone and ABS are fairly body-safe materials because they are virtually non-porous and should not harbor harmful bacteria if properly cleaned.

The silicone does have a good bit of drag to it, it has about as much as my Jopen. Make sure not to use silicone-based lube with this toy because there is a possibility that there can be a reaction that can damage the finish of your silicone toy. Lube does not seem to last very long when I’m using this toy and I usually end up reapplying at least twice.


Serenity is 7 inches long and 5 of those inches are insertable. It also has a circumference of 4 inches. Serenity is a bit more on the slender side and would be perfect for beginners or those who don’t like a lot of girth. The toy is very soft and flexible and feels hollow in the center of the shaft. It has a swirled ripple pattern running along the shaft. The ripples are very smooth and aren’t easily felt while the toy is inserted or being thrust. There is also a slight curve in the top two inches of the shaft and while this looks like it is supposed to stimulate the G-spot, it is such slight angle that it really is not felt. Also with the toy being so flexible, I feel that it’s difficult to get really intense G-spot stimulation.

Couture Petite Couture Serenity





Serenity is powered by two AAA batteries that are located under a twist cap. There are two buttons that control the functions of this toy. The first button is a dedicated power button with a power symbol on it. The second button has an image of a sine wave and controls the vibrations. You press the power button once to turn the toy on, and when you do this both buttons light up in a red glow but the toy is not vibrating yet. You can then press the function button to turn the vibrations on. There are 7 vibration settings and when you turn the vibrations on, they will always start at the lowest constant vibration setting, there is no memory chip that will remember your last-used setting. The vibrations are moderately strong and while they are not very rumbly, they are smooth and even. The toy is also very quiet, in fact it’s probably the quietest toy I own.

The vibration settings are:

1. Constant low.

2. Constant medium.

3. Constant high.

4. A short stuttering pulse that speeds up until it’s almost a constant vibration.

5. Medium pulse.

6. Fast pulse.

7. Three short pulses followed by a long pulse.

If you keep pressing the buttons you’ll just cycle through all the patterns again. If you want to turn the toy off at any time you can just press the power button once.


Serenity is incredibly easy to clean. You can use your favorite toy cleaner, soap and water or toy wipes. Since there are plastic parts to this toy I would not boil or put it in the dishwasher for sanitizing.



The packaging is very simple yet classy. The box has a matte white background and a glossy embossed image of the toy itself and the sides of box contain general info about the toy. There is no nude woman on the box, but it is still not discreet. There are no instructions that come with the toy, but there are only two buttons and it’s pretty intuitive so they’re not really needed. The toy does come in a sealed styrofoam wrapper / pouch. It’s nothing fancy and isn’t meant to be permanent storage, but if you’re careful you can keep your toy in it.



I personally love the design of the Couture line by California Exotics. I think the quality is very nice for the cost and I love the delicate purple color this toy comes in. My husband was actually the one who picked this toy out and it seems to be his favorite. He will usually use this on me while I control a clitoral vibe. I’ve actually had 2 Serenities. The first one worked for about 2 weeks, but then suddenly stopped working. The controls would light up but the vibration would not work. I have since gotten a replacement that hasn’t had any problems.

Follow-Up after 3 months

My Serenity does not get much use anymore. I do like the look of the toy, but I wish the texture was stronger and could be felt more. Since the toy is very flexible and lacks any sort of curve, I find that I don’t get the G-spot stimulation I would like while using it. And since the vibrations leave a bit to be desired, I don’t have much of a reason to use this toy when I have many others that have nicer features. I still think that the Serenity would be a great toy for beginners because it’s silicone, not too girthy, and is super simple to care for and clean. I don’t think many advanced toy users would be wowed by its performance.