Review: Dream Maker Night Cap by Evolved Novelties

Overall rating 3/5 Rating-stars3

Vibration strength 3/5 Rating-stars-purpleSMALL3

Noise level 3/5 Rating-stars-greenSMALL3

The Night Cap is a rabbit style vibrator and features a waving shaft and a clitoral stimulator.

What originally attracted me to this toy was the “waving” motion the shaft of this toy produces. I have always been a fan of rabbits that rotate and wiggle and squirm, so when I saw this cute toy by Evolved I knew I had to give it a try.

The packaging for the Night Cap is pretty nice. Unlike other toys that come in flimsy packaging that is pretty much useless, this toy comes in a keepsake tin that you can store your night cap in.

Evolved Drea Maker Night Cap

Evolved Drea Maker Night Cap in storage tin.

The toy itself is a sweet shade of pink.The shaft is made of TPR and the handle is made out of a velvety ABS Plastic. TPR isn’t my favorite material, but it is less porous than other soft materials like jelly.The cap at the bottom of the base twists to reveal the EZ load battery cartridge. I do take the cartridge out of the rabbit between uses to ensure the batteries don’t leak and ruin the toy, and also to preserve battery life. This toy says it’s waterproof and though I haven’t fully submersed the toy, the seal does seem pretty good.

Night Cap battery compartment

Night Cap battery compartment

The Night Cap is a total of 10” long, with an insertable length of 5.25” and a circumference of 5.5”. The shaft features swirling ridges that may look intimidating, but the TPR shaft is very squishy and will easily conform to your body. I find that the rippled shaft actually enhances the motion of the of the rotating shaft.


The interface features a number of little blue lights that are in the shape of a star. The lights glow and blink in respond to each of the functions – it’s very pretty!

Night Cap controls

There is a dedicated power button for quick on/off, which is nice.  The vibration and rotation function independently of one another, they each have a +, -, and a function button. When first turned on, the toy starts up at the slowest rotation speed and the lowest steady vibration. You can able to turn either feature completely off by pressing the corresponding – button.

You can press the + button on the rotation’s controls to speed up the rotation, and you can press the function button to change the setting. There is a variety of rotation setting; reverse, back and forth, and burst rotations. As far as vibrations, you can increase the intensity, or you can choose from a total of 5 different pulse patterns.

Night Cap clitoral stimulator

As for the clit arm, it is not your traditional shape.The clit stimulator is rounded and has some small nubs on it. The design kind of reminds me of a bug. I personally think this is a much better design than your typical bunny ears. I feel you get much better contact and there’s no “stabiness” involved. The arm is extremely bendable so it’s more likely to fit your anatomy. But if you’re a fan of pressure, this clitoral stimulator probably won’t do it for you.

The vibrations of the clitoral arm are ok, but they’re not the strongest. I would rate the vibration 3 out of 5.


I was super excited about all the options, mainly the rotating shaft and the undulating disks instead of your traditional beads.

Once it’s moving, the sensation of the shaft is rather relaxing feeling. It almost feels like slow in and out movement. I don’t think this is the sort of toy I would use if I just wanted to get off quickly.

My complaint is that I like really a lot of pressure when it comes to clitoral stimulation. But with this one being so bendable I have to hold it against me to get the sensation I like. I still think the clit stimulator is one of the better ones I’ve encountered. But even with both the vibration and rotation turned all the way to max, I still felt like I need more. I usually end up turning off the clit arm and moving it to the side, and then using a stronger vibrating wand.

Follow-up after 6 months

As time goes on and my toy collection has grown, I’ve been feeling more and more disappointed with the Night Cap. Compared to my other rabbits, this one is still the softest, material-wise, but it’s the weakest in the power and performance
department. I’ve had this toy for a good while and still have yet to orgasm with just it alone. While the rippling / rotating shaft sensation is nice, the head itself does not actually rotate, which is probably why the sensation isn’t the strongest. Also, with the clitoral arm being so flexible, I still don’t feel like I’m getting a good, firm connection. And I do think I need the vibrations to be stronger for me to fully enjoy this toy.

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